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(March 28th, 2008) 

Woo Hoo... TGIF everyone! What a great week it's been! I have two new specials to share with you today. I'm having so much fun with these new designs, and I hope you love them too. ;)
Had a great time bowling Wednesday night. We actually won 3 out of 4. Yahoo! (we play 3 games and the extra point is for total pins) That hasn't happened in a couple weeks. We're currently sitting in last place out of 24 teams and we're feeling like the bottom Seeing that there's only 8 weeks left, I don't think there's any hope for us climbing our way up the ladder. Oh well... it's just for fun, right? That's what we keep telling ourselves. But when we loose week after week, it gets so discouraging. There is some good news, though. I won $74.00 in the lottery when they called my score from the first game. I was kind of embarrassed by my 116 when my average is 147, but not too embarrassed to walk up there and collect the money. Ha! It's been 2 years since I've won, so that was very exciting! Yay! For me! ;)
Weekend plans. Nothing special... just relaxing around the house and enjoying the lovely, warm weather. No baseball practice this weekend. Yay! I hate to say it, but I'm so happy. We've been going to practice 3 times a week for about a month and a half now, so it'll be a nice to take a break.  We'll probably barbecue something for dinner tonight. In the summertime we bbq just about every night and we love it!
Have a fantastic Friday! ;)

(March 27th, 2008) 
Good morning! Just a quick note to let you know, I posted five new drop focals today. I'm having so much fun with these. They are truly a delight! I'm off to my studio while the gettin's good. ;)
Have a terrific Thursday!

(March 26th, 2008)
Hello ;) Happy Wednesday everyone! I've been a very busy beader these past few days and I've been having such a blast! Holly my dear friend and fellow lampwork artist came over yesterday for a day at play. She showed me how to make organics; a field I haven't ventured into yet. Don't know why... I guess they just never appealed to me. And maybe it's because you really can't tell how the bead will turn out until it cools in the kiln, which is usually the next day. I'm the type of artist who needs instant gratification and when I can't see or control what's going on, I just don't bother making it. It seems silly, I
This is what we made together. They have a copper green base rolled in silver foil topped with reactive stringer decoration. Not too shabby for my first try. Holly thinks they're fabulous, but I think I need a lot more practice. Ha!
So that lead me down a path of using silver leaf on two of the three focals I have to share with you today. I actually have seven specials altogether. The 4 sets are a play on the specials I had last Friday that I had such a ball with, so I continued down the same road. I do plan on making lots more of the focals in different colors and floral decoration, so I'm hoping you really like them. Thanks for taking a peek! ;)
Easter was great. We had a lovely day filled with love and laughter. The kids had a blast doing the Easter Egg Hunt and so did Dwayne and me. Every year after they find the eggs they turn around and hide them for us. They get a kick out of telling us if we're hot or They're so darn cute!
Well, I better get to out of here so I can do the free beads drawing and send out the mailing list. Still need to get to the torch today and then we're off to bowling. Wish us luck!
Have a fantastic day! ;)

(March 21st, 2008)
Happy Good Friday everyone! Oh man, what a week!!! The craziest one in a long time. It was nonstop running around and I'm so glad it's over with. Whew! Didn't have much time for beading, so I only have two new specials to offer you today. They're done up in one of my favorite color combos; black, white and yellow. I've been working on some new designs, so I hope you really like them. Thanks for peeking. ;)
Today were going to the movies to see 'Horton Hears a Who!' That looks so cute, doesn't it? Tomorrow I'm going to Los Angeles for my bead association gathering. There's going to be a potluck, bead exchange, demos and raffle drawings. Yahoo! I'm so excited. It's always so much fun to mingle with fellow bead artists. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I win something this time. Last December I didn't win a darn thing. Waaaa! Yes. I'm still crying about
Easter plans... here at home. We're going to color eggs tonight when we get home from the movie. I'm cooking a ham with all the fixins' and, of course, we'll have an Easter Egg Hunt. So fun! I love this time of year. Can't wait for the weather to warm up, although, they say it's going to be 93 here on Sunday. How about that? I'll be thinking about you and sending you some rays of sunshine. ;)
Have a very Hoppy Easter!

(March 17th, 2008)
Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! We had a wonderful weekend. I hope you did, too. Jordan's baseball game yesterday was so much fun! He pitched again and got one strike-out after another. The coach says he has a good arm and in no time he'll be throwing 60 mph fastballs. He's also a really good hitter... The bases were loaded in the 4th inning when he hit it clear out to right field and sent two boys running home. Yahoo! Go Jordan! ;) 
We rented two movies this weekend. 'Dan In Real Life' was hysterically funny and had us laughing the whole time. It's definitely a must see. And 'No Country For Old Men' Javier Bardem was absolutely crazy! No wonder he won the Oscar. Josh Brolin was pretty fantastic as well. We also saw Michael Clayton and American Gangster last week and they're both really good. As you can tell we rent a lot of movies. Mostly because there's hardly anything on TV. Our current line up is... American Idol, Survivor and reruns of CSI: Las Vegas and The Ghost Whisperer. I'm anxiously awaiting for my regular shows to come back on... Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters- which is my favorite, it makes me cry every
Another busy week ahead of me, but what's new? Ha! Baseball practice today, a game tomorrow, bowling on Wednesday and then batting cages and a team meeting Thursday night. Not to mention Jordan's Science Report is also due on Thursday. He just has to work on the experiments he's doing in class and practice his oral presentation. He always gets so nervous when speaking in front of the class by swinging his arms back and forth, and whatnot. That's something we're working on him not doing.
Better get my corned beef and cabbage in the cock pot for dinner tonight. Yummy! I love that stuff!  Pinch, pinch if you're not wearing green.  Hee hee heeee!
Have a very Happy St. Patty's Day! ;)

(March 12th, 2008)
Happy Wednesday! One new special today that includes one of my new Hibiscus flowers. I'm having so much fun making them. They're such a joy! No email on this because there's only one. Thanks for peeking!
The spa last night was very nice and so was the wine. Yum! It felt great to get in there and relax for awhile. We really should do that more often. ;)
Bowling tonight. Oh, joy! We haven't been bowling all that great lately. Both Dwayne and I have totally been off our game. Not sure why? Keep your fingers crossed for us that we have a better night, 'cause we sure need it!
Have a great day!

(March 11th, 2008)
Hi! I have a new auction to share with you today. Something new 'Hibiscus Flowers'. I've been wanting to make these for a very long time, but my skills weren't quite there yet. But now they are. Yippee! I'm so thrilled with the way they turned out. And I hope you like them, too. Thank you so much for your support! ;)
I've been busy making beads today and I'll have one special for you tomorrow. It's another beachy set in aqua. Gosh, I just can't get enough of those. I'm starting to think I need a vacation. Ha! The kids are on Spring Break the week of April 7th. A trip to the beach would be really nice. Madison love, loves the beach. She'd be absolutely thrilled to go. And of course, Jordan, too. It's only an hour from here. Hmmm... not sure why don't we go more often? Just too busy, I guess.
Baseball Sunday was a lot of fun. The 3 hours at the field just flew by. We lost by one, but they don't count it on the books because it's a non winning league. The kids play for fun and they keep score, but there are no losers. Everyone is a winner!
Here's Jordan pitching. He really enjoys it. The coach says he's a natural athlete. I so proud. ;)
And giving me a big cheese.
Have to get going. I need to get over to the post office before it closes. I have a roast in the crock pot and Dwayne is already home from work and he's cleaning the spa. I have this bottle of wine I've been dying to open. But told him... I want enjoy my bubbly, in my
Have a lovely evening!

(March 10th, 2008)
Happy Monday! So how did you do with the time change this morning? Did everyone get up on time? I got up at 6:30 no problem. It usually takes me a few days to get adjusted. So far so good, but it's only day Went right out and made beads early this morning. Finished up the orders and started in on something new that I'm pretty excited about!! ;))) Can't wait to show you. I'm off to take my mom shopping, come home drop her off, then pick up Jordan from school, go to the library (never made it last week) and then, off to baseball practice. Whew! I'm already tired. Ha!
See you tomorrow with new beads and I'll share those baseball pictures I promised, too. Have a fantastic day! ;) 

(March 7th, 2008)
Woo Hoo! TGIF everyone! I have a couple new things to share with you today. First... it's Strawberry pickin' time! Now I know I said I wasn't going to take orders anymore, but I can make them until the cows come And the same goes for the Sand Dollars I have up today as well. These are 2 beads that I really enjoy making. Yes. I know. It's a weird combination, but I had originally planned to do the Strawberries as an auction set, before I started in with the beachy beads. Then I got to thinkin'... why not make them so everyone can have some. ;) I also have some more Tide Pool focals in teal and a set of matching beads that includes a fishy. Thanks for peeking!
It's been a busy week. Wednesday was crazy to say the least! I woke up at 4:30am to a ringing telephone and I thought to myself.... who the heck could this be? It was Dwayne (my hubby) calling to tell me he broke down on the freeway. So I get up, hop in my car, pick him up and drive him to work 25 minutes away.  After I got Madison off to school, I called for a tow truck to meet me where he broke down... and guess what? The tow guy refused to tow it because I didn't have the keys. Where were they? Dwayne took them to work with him and by that time, he was already 2 hours from here doing his run. UGH! Now it's 9:45 and I had Jordan's conference to go to 10:20. So I head back home to get ready for his conference and see if I can find the spare keys. Luckily I did. Now I'm sitting in the conference worrying about our truck because, when I went back the CHP had already tagged it to be towed away if it wasn't moved within 4 hours, and it had already been 3. They sure don't give you enough time to move your car, do they? What if someone had to be a work all day? They'd come back and their car would be in impound. Now that's not very nice! I finished up with Jordan's teacher and he and I head back to the freeway hoping it's still there, and thank goodness it was. So we wait for the second tow truck to show up and have it towed to the shop. We come home and now I have the specials to work on... taking pictures, posting and all my emails. Then I had to pick Dwayne up from work, Madison from school, get his truck from the mechanic and then go to the bowling alley. Whew! It turned out to be the alternator. I'm so glad he was able to fix it the same day because otherwise, I would of had to drive Dwayne to work at 4:00am yesterday, and that wouldn't of been any fun.
Weekend plans... Baseball practice tomorrow and his first game on Sunday. We'll be there for 3 1/2 hours 'cause he has to get there an hour before the game. So pray for I'll take pictures to share with you on Monday. Go Padres!! ;) 
Have a super weekend and don't forget to change your clocks. Yep! It's that time again! We're Springing forward. Yahoo! I love this time of year!

(March 5th, 2008)
Happy Wednesday! I have 4 new specials to share with you today. The warmer weather we've been having lately, has put me in a 'Beachin' Mood'. Thanks for peeking! ;)

(March 3rd, 2008)
Good morning and happy March everyone! We had a really nice weekend. I hope you did, too. Madison and I spent a lot of time cleaning her room. We went through her toys, clothes and rearranged her furniture. It looks so nice in there now. She did really good picking out the toys she no longer wanted so we could donate them. Too good in fact that I had to talk her into keeping some of them. I'm the sentimental type, who remembers when she got what and when. And here she is... "Get rid of it. That's a baby toy and I'm not a baby anymore." Ha! She's almost 5. Her birthday is April 8th and at her tender age, she's a girl who knows what she does and doesn't Let's hope she can keep her room clean from here on out. But I know it won't be long before it's a mess again. When she and Jordan get to playing in there, it turns into a disaster area. Sheesh!
We had a great time at the  movies Friday. But I didn't realized Spiderwick would be a little intense in some parts. Poor Madison flew back him her seat during the troll scene and her eyes practically popped out of her head. I think the sound scared her more than the troll did, because it got really loud during that scene. All in all we thought it was pretty good, but we haven't read the books, so I'm not sure how spot-on it was.
It's parent/teacher conference week at Jordan's school. They have a half-day everyday but Wednesday they're off. His conference is on Wednesday. Last time his teacher told me, he's a bit of a social butterfly, so I'm hoping it goes better this time. He has yet another project due March 20th, it's a science project and he's doing it on friction. He has to create a science board and demonstrate how friction works. It should be pretty interesting. We just need to get over to the library this week and pick up a couple books on it, so he can get started and have plenty of time to get prepared.
Not sure what I'll have time for this week with all these half school days. Just have to see what I can come up with in the bead department.
Have a lovely week! ;)

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