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(October 31st, 2008) 

Happy Halloween everyone! So, are you ready for a night full of ghosts, ghouls and goblins? My kiddies sure are! Madison is a princess and Jordan the grim reaper. Oh, what fun! We're taking them trick or treating at our friend house, who have 4 boys and live on level ground. We live in the foothills and unless we want to give ourselves a heart attack walking up and down these hills, which we don't, we better head to the flatland...LOL And that's where our friends live. We're ordering pizza for dinner then, we're off with the whole bunch to get as much candy as they can. I have a feeling it's going to be a race because there are 7 kids in our pack. Our 6, plus a friend. So, wish us luck in keeping up with them...Ha!
I've been super busy working on orders this week and will be again all weekend so I can finish up the last of them. Then I should be back on track next week with new beads. It's been a long time, hasn't it? Sure feels that way to me.
You know what today is. It's TGIF!! So, don't forget to put your name in for Friday Surprise! Good luck to all of you and I'll see you tomorrow. :o)
Wishing you a very safe and Happy Halloween! 

(October 27th, 2008)
Happy Monday! Did everyone have a great weekend? We sure did! The birthday party Saturday was so much fun. We relaxed and kicked back around the campfire at our friends house. Jordan and Madison ended up sleeping over and that gave Dwayne and I some time alone, which hardly ever happens. My cousins came over yesterday and spent the afternoon with us. She like Dwayne was laid off from work a few weeks ago, so we spent some time searching job sites on the web that she knew of, in hopes to help Dwayne with his job search. Still nothing on the job front for him yet. He has several more applications out and he may have an interview today. He's waiting for him to call around 4:00, so he can go down there. It's working for a sand & gravel company pulling doubles, which Dwayne doesn't have experience in. His experience is water tanker and pulling tractor trailers. The guy asked for 2 years of experience, which he has 4, but not with pulling doubles. Dwayne knows he can do it, but he just needs to opportunity to prove that he can. Say a prayer for us and keep your fingers and toes crossed that he gets it. Thank you! :o)
I have orders to work on this week and I'm hoping I'll something new for you too. I'll just have to see how it goes. Oh, and I put up some of those adorable Fall Pumpkins for sale. Thanks for peeking!
Did you see how hot it is today? It's 91... and here I thought it was October....LOL
Have a Bead-utiful week!

(October 24th, 2008)
Woo Hoo! Happy Friday! I've been very busy working all day, and boy, am I tired! Just wanted to pop in and remind everyone to put their name if for the TGIF! giveaway.
It's time for dinner (Beef Stroganoff) Yummy! I'll see you tomorrow. :o)

(October 22nd, 2008) 
Oh man, I feel like I'm running a Goodness... just when I think my life can't get any busier, it does! I know it's my fault, though. I always volunteer myself for everything. Yesterday I went on a field-trip with Madison's school to Lombardi Ranch. The kindergartners go every year and I went with Jordan's class when he was in kindergarten, so how could I not go with Madison's class. I just had to. It was a lot of fun. We took a guided tour of the ranch and got to meet the animals: cow, calf, pigs, chickens, turkey, goat, ducks, geese, ostrich and a llama. Whew! The kids got a chuckle at the ostrich, who would growl if the tour guide got too close to it's cage. I didn't know they growled and it was too funny. And the llama didn't seem to friendly either because he looked like he was ready to spit at us any minute. Ha! From there we went to see how they grow their vegetables in a little garden they have set up for the school kids. Did you know the seeds of a corncob is the actual corn we eat? I didn't know that. Duh! Guess I never really thought about it. Then the kids got to pick out their pumpkins, which didn't take very long. They just walked right up and grabbed one. Us as a family? It takes us a least 15 minutes each to choose the perfect one. But maybe in a child's eyes, they're all perfect and they don't see imperfections in things. I found that to be very interesting.
Girl Scout training Saturday was a lot of fun and very informative. I learned a ton of stuff and I'm really looking forward to co-leading. Today is our first official Daisy meeting. We have 6 girls in our troop, so it shouldn't be too overwhelming. We're teaching them the promise today and starting them in on earning their petals. We heard at the training session that there are a lot of places here in town we can take trips to. And that there are other troops who invite Daisies to join them for craft projects and social events. It does sound like fun, doesn't it? :o)
I'm going to take orders on cake beads this week and that's all I'll have time for. They're called 'A slice of Heaven'.
I have to run and sew Madison's patches on her GS vest before we leave. Enjoy the rest of your week!

(October 20th, 2008)
Hello, Ladies! I've been super busy all day today and now I have bunch of errands to run. Tomorrow will be a better day for me to do an update, so I'll see you tomorrow. :o)
Hope you're having a great day!

(October 18th, 2008)
We have a new TGIF! winner. Congratulations to Maria N. from Luxembourg! Go take a peek at what she's won. Thank you all so much for playing with me. :o)
I'll tell you all about the training Monday. I'm off to snuggle with Madison because she's crying. Why? Because Jordan is sleeping over at his friends house tonight and she says, it's not fair!! So, she has herself worked into tizzy and can barley talk. Poor thing!
Have lovely weekend!

(October 17th, 2008)
Is it really Friday, again? Goodness, where did the week go? Been really busy working on orders and I still have a couple more to do before I can start on anything new. Hopefully, next week. :o)
Tomorrow I'll be at the Girl Scout Council taking two classes. One is leadership training, the other Daisy training. We had our first meeting Tuesday where we did all the sign-up paperwork and picked out which uniform the girls would wear. They chose the vest instead of the apron, which I thought was the cutest of the two. But the other moms were saying because they wear the same uniform in Kindergarten and in 1st, that they'd look like babies with an apron on wearing it in 1st grade...LOL So, the vest it is. I'm so not looking forward to being in class all day tomorrow, but it should be fun and very informative. Plus, I need to find out what I've gotten myself into...LOL
Did you notice my logo changed again? She has dangle earrings on and a mandrel in her hand. And now, she's even cuter than before. Don't know how that can be, but she sure is. Thanks again, Alice! :o)
You know what today is... Don't forget to put your name in for TGIF! Friday Surprise. I'll see you tomorrow with the winner! Not sure what time I'll have it up though being I'll be gone most of they day, but don't worry I'll do it as soon as I get back.
Have a fantastic Friday!

(October 13th, 2008)
Happy Monday everyone! Although, it isn't a very happy one. If you didn't already hear on news, the Southland is on fire again. We can see the smoke clouds from the Marek and Oat Mountain fires, which are burning in the valley just below ours. It is so very windy outside with wind gusts up to 65 mph and that makes the situation even worse for firefighters. We've had very little rain this year only one day since Spring and all it takes is one little ember blowing in the wind to light up another fire miles away. And that's what we worry about the most because the hills are very dry all around us. I'll keep you posted as to what is going on, but so far we're not in harms way.
We had a great weekend. Didn't do anything fun, but we got some house cleaning done. Jordan's room looked like a tornado had hit it, so we spent Saturday cleaning it and moving his room around. I've told him several times that if he just kept it clean, like it is now, it wouldn't be so hard to keep up on. But unfortunately, he never has in the past. He waits until it's an absolute mess and I help him with it. I have a feeling he does it on purpose, because he knows mom will come to the rescue. Madison on the other hand, always keeps her room clean. Not sure if it's a boy/girl thing, but I never have to worry about hers. But then again, she's a lot like me. A clean
I have new beads to share with you today. Two Winter Wonderland sets in light blue with adorable snowmen, snowflakes and snowballs. Not sure if I'll have anything else this week because I have some orders to work on.
Have a fantastic week!

(October 11th, 2008)
Good morning! We have a new TGIF! winner. Congratulations to Cynthia from NC.! Go take a peek at what she's won. Thank you all so much for playing my favortie game. :0)
Have a wonderful weekend!

(October 10th, 2008)
Woo Hoo! Happy Friday! And what a chilly morning it is. Brrr! I've been really busy working on orders this week, so I don't have anything new to share with you today, but plan to sometime next week.
Today I'm volunteering in Madison's classroom. I do the first Friday of every month, but they were off last Friday, so I'm on for today. They sure put me to work last month. Here I thought it'd be all fun and games, but they really worked I helped put the Open Court books together. It's their beginner reader sight word series that comes bound in a text book, 32 books, one for each child, which contains over 100 stories. Each story had to be torn-out, folded and stapled, so the kids can take them home to read. I didn't count how many I did, but it had to of been hundreds. So, I spent most of the day sitting in the back of the classroom at my own little production line. Madison was so cute, she packed us a snack that morning and we sat outside with her classmates chatting away. I have to tell you, Kindergartners are so funny. They crack-up at the littlest things and make you feel as if all the BIG things that are going on in your adult life, don't matter. It's the laughs and the happy times. Not the struggles, but the joy. The joy of life! And that I'm definitely looking forward to today.
Dwayne is still on the hunt for a driving job. He had an interview Monday and as of yesterday, they haven't made a decision. He's hoping to hear some good news from them today. Gosh, I hope so.... this waiting around sure is nerve racking. He also has several more applications out, but no calls on those yet. We don't understand why they're not calling, though. He has an excellent driving record- 0 tickets/0 accidents since he's had his Class A for 4 years. So, why aren't they calling? That we don't understand and it sure is discouraging to say the least. We just have to keep our chins up and Keep on Truckin'! (no pun intended...) :0)
You know what today is.... It's TGIF!! and you know what to do... put your name in for the "Friday Surprise!" giveaway. I'll see you tomorrow with the winner. Good luck everyone and have a fantastic Friday!

(October 6th, 2008)
Good morning! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I have some great new beads to share with you today... more of those lovely fabulous flowers I had last week in different color combinations- even one with coffee beans.  I also have candy corn cupcakes that are just too cute a spicy set that's to die for. And lastly, I'm taking orders on turkeys. Some of you may of read last week that my husband was laid-off from work, so we're a one income family at the moment. If there's anything you need bead-wise, please don't hesitate to ask- even if something is sold out. Thank you for your support! It means a lot to me.
Do you watch Desperate Housewives? What the heck is going on? It skipped too far ahead for me. 5 years? Come on, I hardly recognize it! And what happened to Gabby? She was always been so put together and now she doesn't even look like herself. I can relate, though. Working from home, taking care of kids and keeping a clean house. I don't always look my best either.... lol Oh, I love Brothers & Sisters! Do you watch that, too? Don't know what it is about that show that makes me cry. I guess it's the closeness of a large family, which I don't always have around that pulls at my heartstrings. And it gets me boo hoo-ing every
Well, the rain was short lived, it only lasted a day. We're back up in the 80's today and it's really beautiful! It's supposed to reach the 100's again by Wednesday. Gosh, I hope not, cuz this cooler weather has been wonderful.
Have a lovely day! :0) 

(October 4th, 2008)
We have a new TGIF! winner... Congratulations to Hannah B. from CT.! Go take a peek at that she's won. Thank you all so much for playing. I love this game!
Well, surprise, surprise! It's actually raining today. Yay! They said we were in for some rain, but we don't believe it til we see it here in So. California. But sure enough, it is! And it's a bit chilly, too. We went from triple digits just a few days ago to the low 60's today. Boy, is this nice! Makes me want to snuggle up, pop some popcorn and watch a movie. And that's exactly where I'm headed after several hours at the torch this morning. :0)
Have a lovely weekend!

(October 3rd, 2008)
Woo Hoo! Happy Friday! We went to our friends house for dinner Wednesday night. Kenny barbecued steaks and Mary made her famous twice baked potatoes. Oh, man... it was so yummy! They have 4 boys- 12, 9, 5 and 2, so it was a full house with the 4 of us too. We hung out and talked for a couple hours and had a really great time.
The company my hubby, Dwayne, was working for lost their trucking contract, so he's been laid-off. We had a feeling it was coming and that's the main reason I put up the catalog beads, but I didn't want to say anything til we knew for sure. I'm trying not to worry about him finding work, but it's hard not to. He's called over 25 companies this week and has 11 applications out, but no one has called him back yet. Times are hard and now they're even harder. So, it's just me bringing home the bacon for a while till he finds another one. I'm hoping and praying he'll get one real soon. So on that note... if there's anything you need bead-wise, please don't hesitate to ask. Can't think of anything I would say no to.
On the brighter side... I worked on some new flower beads today like the Fab Flowers set I have up on the bead specials page and I'm going make some more over the weekend because I'd like to have a couple new sets for you Monday. I'm having so much fun with those in coming up with a different design on each one, which is a real challenge.
You know what today is... It's TGIF! So don't forget to put your name in for Friday Surprise. I'll see you tomorrow with the winner. Good luck everyone! :0)

(October 1st, 2008)
Hello! Happy October everyone! Can you believe it... it's October already! And pretty soon we'll have to start our Christmas shopping. Good heavens. Where did the year go?
Hey! Look at this... my tutorial was chosen to be on Lampwork Glass Beads. If you look under flowers - leaves you'll see my name. It's my Watercolor Floral Lentil tutorial. I just came across it a few days ago and I didn't even know I was on there. How cool is that? I'm beyond thrilled! :0)
I have a new special to share with you today. Spooktacular up on the bead specials page. I've been working on Halloween orders this week, among others, and I was so in the groove that I thought I'll go ahead and make one final set this season. And it really is Spooktacular! Thanks for peeking!
We have a new free beads winner... Beth F. from NC. She's the lucky winner of the Cherry earrings. Congrats, Beth! The new freebie Gobble, Gobble! is up. I'm beginning to think about Thanksgiving, so look forward to more turkeys!  Artzee has been on the fritz for the past 3 days and it's driving me crazy, too. Hopefully, they'll get it fixed soon.
Oh, and don't forget to put your name in for the TGIF! drawing. See ya Friday!

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