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(February 25th, 2009)
Hello! I'm back from the land of NyQuil and Emergen-C and am feeling much better today. Yay! During my down time I went through my bead bowl and came up with 6 sets of 20 beads. They are beads that were either too small or too big to go along with the original sets or they just didn't turnout the way I had planned. You may find a boo boo or two. Maybe not. They have perfect holes and are structurally intact; none have sharp edges and have all been annealed. I'm clearing them out at less than half price so they can quickly find a home. Thanks for peeking! :)
Now that I'm up and about, I have orders to complete this week. I plan on having more spring sets available next. Boy, this cold thing has really set me back. And I hear it's going around, too. I'm not happy when I'm sick. I'm only happy when I'm busy doing something. Ask my hubby, Dwayne. I drive him crazy with my energy...LOL
Madison and I have Girl Scouts tonight and I'm so glad I'm feeling up to it.
Have a great day!

(February 18th, 2009)
Happy Wednesday! I've been feeling a little weird these past few days and it wasn't until I woke up this morning achy and with a sore throat that I realized, I'm sick. I don't have time to be sick. I have so much to-do this week. Waaaa! I just took some Tylenol so I'm hoping I'll feel better soon.
We had a wonderful Valentine's Day, and I hope you did too. Dwayne took us all out for dinner at a local barbeque place, and boy, was it delicious! We shared a family platter with bbq ribs, pulled pork, bbq chicken, beef brisket, fries, coleslaw, bbq beans and garlic rolls. Yummy! Makes me hungry just thinking about it again...LOL Then on Sunday we went to Redondo Beach. We made sand castles, collected seashells, took a nice long walk along the beach and ate lunch on the pier. What a blast! I now have a Flicker slide show on the left hand side under my menu, it's a fun new place to put my family pictures.
I have three new bunny sets that I'm working on getting posted today. Fun brights in playful shapes that also includes a carrot and a heart. And that'll be it bead-wise for this week. I had a couple orders come rolling in so I'll be busy working on those.
I'm off to get the beads posted, do the mailing list and the free bead giveaway.
Enjoy the rest of your week!

(February 13th, 2009) Oh No... Not Friday the 13th!
Woo Hoo! TGIF! Aren't you glad it's Friday and a holiday weekend to boot? I'm so happy it's Friday. :) Yay!
It's another dark, dreary and very rainy day here in Southern California, which makes me dream of warmer days ahead. And on that note, I have some beachin' beads to share with you today! These are some of my most favorite beads to make. You know how much we love going to the beach. And as a gift to you this Valentine's Day, I'm offering FREE shipping starting today and through the weekend. Thank you so much for seeing what I have to offer today. :)
My brother, Kenny, made it to his ship safe & sound and has been emailing us. He said the flight from CA to Japan was really long and that he had a lot of fun in Guam, but it was very hot. He also said, the stars look so amazing out at sea. Wow! I can only imagine. He's on an adventure, and I can't wait to hear about where he goes next.
Weekend plans.... With rainy days like these, nothing makes me happier than sitting by a warm fire and watching movies. And that's exactly what we plan to-do. Snuggle up, keep warm and enjoy the weekend together.
Have a very Happy Valentine's Day! XOXO

(February 11th, 2009)
Happy Wednesday everyone! Now that I'm all caught up on the orders, I'm ready to work on something new... I'm introducing my carousel earring sets today, and boy, are they fun! I have 6 different colorful sets for you to choose from. You can either order the 4 bead sets as pictured or have me make them into earrings for you. All you need to-do is pick out your beads, then come back and add 'Make Mine Earrings'. How fun is that? I hope you love the new idea because I love earrings! In my book... a girl can never have too many. Thanks for peeking! :)
It's been in the 50's and raining off and on for the past week, and I'm totally freezing my butt off! Now I know those of you who are back east are probably laughing at me right now, but I'm a California girl and so not used to being cold. It was just a week ago when it was in the 80's and I'm so wishing we were back to that again. Hey! I told you I was getting spoiled!...LOL
No Girl Scouts tonight. It was cancelled because my co-leader is getting ready for her daughters Bat Mitzvah this weekend. So, tonight I'm helping Jordan and Madison with their Valentine's Day cards. They have a 4 day weekend this weekend, so they're passing them out tomorrow. Oh, have to tell you something! Madison came home last week and it had been the 100th day of school and she was wearing a crown. I asked her what it was all about and she said, "It's for perfect attendance and my teacher made it for me." Then later, I found out... she was the only one in her class that got one. It was so cute, too, just full of glitter. She was so proud of herself that she wore it all day. Jordan also has perfect attendance, but his teacher didn't make him a crown. I suspect a 10 year old boy would look pretty silly wearing a glittery crown...LOL
I better get the mailing list out before it gets too late and I have the drawing to-do today as well.
Have a Super Duper day!

(February 6th, 2009)
Who Hoo! TGIF!! I'm working in Madison's classroom today. Before I left, I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful weekend! :)

(February 5th, 2009)
Good morning! I'm laying in bed last night and it's 11:00 when I realize I didn't do the Free Beads drawing yesterday. I was so busy listing the goodies, checking emails, thinking about our GS field trip, getting to the post office before it closed and to grocery store to get something for dinner, and then cooking it that I completely forgot. So, instead of giving away the charm I had put aside, I'm giving away a set instead. Hope that makes up for my absent mindedness. I'm so sorry about that.
I'll be torching the day away. Have a great one! :)

(February 4th, 2009)
Now that the emails for the specials have calmed down, I've moved them onto the bead specials page so you can go ahead and grab them from there. I just didn't want to get duplicates once my mailing list went out and everyone came to look at the same time. :)
The girls had so much fun at the pet shop today. Only one mishap with a snake peeing on a couple of the girls. Oh, man, you should of heard them scream. I didn't know they could pee so much...LOL

Happy Wednesday! How's everyone doing today? I'm doing great. I had a blast with Holly yesterday. She brought Mabel her beautiful rottweiler, who had a wonderful time lounging around on our grass outside my studio. She hurt her toe and had to have surgery Monday, so I told Holly to bring her with so she wouldn't be home alone. Poor girl! And of course she got lots of love from my kiddies, who think she's the sweetest thing. Holly taught me a few tricks in wire wrapping, and I taught her how to line beads with silver. It was a really fun day. Thanks for coming, Holly! :)
So now that I'm on a wire wrapping kick... I have charms, earrings and a pandora bead to share with you today. I'm not posting them in my store because I'm out of most of the components I used to make them, so I'm unable to duplicate them exactly. So, you'll have to email me with your order. That's it bead wise for this week, as I have a ton of orders to work on. Thank you so much!
Girl Scouts today. We're going on a field trip to the local pet shop. Yep. Another fun day!
Enjoy the rest of your week!

(February 3rd, 2009)
Hello. I have a voting banner up now for Lampwork Artist's Top-100. I've actually been on their site for about a year now, but never did display their banner. But yesterday, I was told it's a rule to have one up or they'll remove me from the list. Oopsy, bad girl.... I didn't know. So now that it's up, you can vote for my site there too and it'll give you three entries per day in the free beads drawing. Yippee!
See you tomorrow with a couple new things! :)

Good morning... Happy Tuesday! :) We had a wonderful visit with my brother, Kenny, this weekend. It's funny... we hardly recognized him when he stepped off the train. He looked really good! He's always been very thin. He still is, but now he's thin and muscular. Went to the movies Saturday and saw Inkheart. We thought it was a great family movie. Sunday Kenny and my oldest son, Eric, went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. We said our goodbyes that morning because we weren't going to see him before Eric drove him to the train station that night. I tried not to cry. I held it back as best as I could, but it didn't work. Then this morning we got a call from him letting us know his orders came in. He's leaving tomorrow morning on an 11 hour flight to Japan and then over to Guam to meet up with his ship. So, here I am trying not to cry again today. All I can say is... Man, that was fast and I'm so happy he was here this weekend. He has access to email on the ship, so we can stay in touch. We told him to have a great time, which I'm sure he will, but it's hard not to worry about him while he's gone. He's on deployment til September and we're sure going to miss him. :(
Holly's here! We're playing today, so I better get going. I have a bunch of emails that I'll get to later on in the day. 
Have a fantastic day!

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