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(March 27th, 2009)
Woo Hoo... Happy Friday! I have a bracelet, charm and a pair of earrings to share with you today. Now I know making jewelry isn't rocket science but, man, between stringing it 20 or so different ways, taking it apart and redoing it over and over, it took me 5 hours to finally be happy with the design. My hats off to those of you who do this all the time. I don't know how you do it because, I was about to pull my hair out!...LOL Anyway, hope you love it as much as I do. Because there are so many colors in it, it goes with everything. And I just love that! :)
Weekend plans.... Madison has a birthday party to go to tomorrow at a gymnastic center here in town. It's for one of her friends from school who is also in our Girl Scout troop. She's so excited about going and doing gymnastic. She never has before. Dwayne is off now for 4 days and is talking about riding bikes to the movie theater and seeing the new cartoon movie Monsters Vs. Aliens. Shoulds like a lot of fun!
Hope you have a fun weekend, too. See ya Monday!

(March 23rd, 2009)
Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. I cleaned the house and did laundry. Oh, joy! Dwayne got in early this morning from his Stockton run and is winding down from his trip, and then we're going grocery shopping. I like to go BIG grocery shopping with him and when the kids are in school because it's so much easier this way. We go, get what we need, and we're outta there. I don't like grocery shopping, just the cooking part. I'm really getting into cooking from recipes more. I used to put together whatever I had in the cupboards; boxed flavored noodles or potatoes, frozen or canned veggies with some type of meat. But now that I'm following recipes to a 'T' and using fresh ingredients, man, what a difference! I really do think it's cheaper buying and cooking fresh. Yes. You do have to invest in EVOO and all the spices you need, but some of those I've been able to find at the 99 cent store. But once you have the basics, they really do last awhile. Plus, your meals turn out fantastic. Most of the new recipes I've tried all have, but one. It was a steak salad with baby arugula in it and I didn't know how bitter it was until we all took a big bite. Ewww... not One of our fav's is this one from Rachael Ray. But if you can't stand the heat, I'd omit the peppers. We don't, and boy, is it yummy!
I've been getting a lot of order requests lately, and I'm so very thankful. I do have a couple to work on this week, but that will leave less time to work on new beads. If I can sneak something in, I'll post what I have on Friday.
Oh, I'm on Facebook. Have been for a couples months now but haven't mentioned it. Some of you have found me there and I was so surprised to get friend requests from customers. How sweet! :) If you want to be my friend, go ahead and ask and I'll accept. Just follow my Facebook banner under my menu. I'm still trying to figure out how things work, and am so confused...LOL
Have a great week!

(March 19th, 2009)
Hello! How's everyone doing today? I'm doing great! I've been really busy working orders and I finally had a chance to make a new set yesterday. Yay! Kona is made with one of my favorite colors, Green Tea. But the funny thing is... there's no green about it so I'm not really sure why it was named that. It's a very pretty pale blue which reminds me of the beach, and when I pair it with browns, it's absolutely lovely. And check out the paisley beads. Pretty cool. Thanks for peeking! :)
Dwayne is on the road today and won't be home until tomorrow. His scheduled changed a couple of weeks ago and he now has the Fresno and Stockton US Mail run 3 times a week. It's been a big change for me because I'm so used to him being here to help me with everything that needs to get done in a day. And let me tell ya, things can get pretty hectic. Taking care of your family, getting the kids back and forth to school, homework, chores, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, baths, reading and bedtime. Oh, man, before I know it, the days over. Whew! I'm sure you know what I mean. It's crazy!
So, what else have I been up to? Well, we've been getting our vegetable garden ready for planting. This year we put in a raised garden with a 1/4" wire screen on the bottom because, we have gophers. Three years ago, some varmint-don't know what it was, ate the whole dang garden in one night. I couldn't believe it, and was so mad! That's why we're doing a raised bed this year. But then yesterday I was talking to my neighbor and he said, we have raccoons too, so now I'm wondering, if we should enclose the whole thing in. I have heard about using fox urine to keep away pests, but I don't think I could bring myself to buying some...LOL Sheesh! What to-do?
I'm off to send out the mailing list, get the kiddies from school, and then catch up on my emails.
Have a terrific Thursday! :)

(March 9th, 2009) 
Good morning! So, Jordan didn't get a rave review at his parent/teacher conference Thursday, but he got a good one. His teacher said she can see he's trying very hard to keep up on his assignments, but still needs a little poking and prodding from time to time. His grades are up, so I'm happy about that. Yay! I have to tell you something funny though. Jordan kept telling me he was nervous about going to the conference. Hmmm... wonder why? But after he was pretty proud of himself when he said, "Mom see... I didn't even cry. Remember I did last time?"...LOL I think he's realized putting more of an effort into his schoolwork, really pays off. Madison is doing great in kindergarten, and is at the top of her class. She enjoys reading and writing sentences using her site words for extra credit. She also loves to draw and is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to coloring. You know what she likes to-do? Write our grocery list. I have to tell her how to spell things, of course. And when we're at the store, she has fun crossing them off. Ha... She so cute!
Holly and I went to lunch Friday and to the bead store to pick up some supplies. I've had this idea to start making jewelry for a long time. I love wearing simple things, like earrings and pendants with a little bling. And you know how much I love charms. So I'm taking that idea and turning them into necklaces. I've already made my first one and it's up in my Etsy Shop. It's one of my studded hearts on a leather cord with sterling silver findings.  I plan to make more and have tons of ideas, so I'm hoping you really like them. My shop has been empty for a while now, so I've moved and added some things there, too, as well. Thanks for peeking. :)
I have orders to work on today, so I'll be busy with those.
Have a marvelous Monday!

(March 4th, 2009)
Hello everyone. :) I'm back with the springtime beads I've telling you about. It's a Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza. I had so much fun making the new bunnies with their ears sticking up. Oh my goodness, they're so cute! And the Choco Bunnies look so real that you'll wanna pop'em in your Thank you so much for seeing what I have to offer today.
My kiddies have half days this week due to parent teacher conferences. I'm hoping Jordan gets a rave review this time because he's been working really hard to stay on track and keep up with his assignments. But I'll just have to wait had see what his teacher says tomorrow. I know Madison is doing great because I work in her classroom twice a month and I see how well she's doing. She's always excited about doing her school and homework where Jordan... not so much. It's funny how they are so different. I mean that in a good way. Jordan is very laid back and never in a hurry to do anything, like his dad. And Madison is just like me. Get whatever it is... done!
Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

(March 2nd, 2009)
Wow! That was fast. So fast in me trying to keep track that you made my head spin. I'm so happy to have finally cleared out the 'extra' beads. Yay! Thank you so much! :)

Happy March everyone! Where does the time go anyway? It sure flies quickly around here, that's for sure. What a beautiful day we had yesterday! It was in the 80's, very sunny and warm. We heated the spa and had friends over for a barbecue. The kids were the only ones who ended up going in and they had a blast. We, the adults, played Uno Attack, and boy, was that fun! Being outside all day, soaking up rays really did me some good. And I'm feeling just like the Energizer Bunny this morning, even though we woke up to rain. Yes. RAIN! Can you believe it? I had planned on sending my kiddies to school in shorts today, till I looked out the window in shock. It drives me crazy when Mother Nature teases me like
Before I move onto new beads, I have another round of 'bead bowl clearance' sets for you today. I had planned on doing the rest of them Friday, but by the time I got back from working at the school, it was just too late. You know. When I was sorting through those beads, I was surprised to see how many spacers I had. And if I don't make or see another spacer for a long time... that's just fine with me! I'm currently working on their pictures, and will have them up in just a bit.
Check out Jordan's before and after his new haircut picture in my Flicker album. He'd been growing it out since last spring, but when it finally reached his shoulders and was peeking through his bangs just to see, I said... Okay, that's enough! And he was ready to cut it, too. What a difference a haircut makes. He looks so different. I knew there was a handsome young man somewhere under all that His eyes are red because he had just sneezed before I snapped the picture. He loves his new look and had fun styling it this morning. I bet his classmates didn't even recognize him. Oh, I can't wait to hear what everyone said when he gets home this afternoon.
Have a bead-utiful day! :)

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