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(May 2nd, 2009)
Hello. Happy Saturday! Boy, am I glad the weekend is finally here. I've been so busy this week that I just never had a chance to pop in and say, Hi! :)
Orders have been taking up a lot of my time lately, and it's been absolutely wonderful! I worked on a special order for someone who sent me this poem and asked if I could make a bracelet to match.

I  Wish You


When you’re lonely, I wish you Love…

When you’re sad, I wish you Joy…


When you’re discouraged, I wish you Hope…


When your spirit is low, I wish you Beauty…


When you’re troubled, I wish you Peace…

And this is how it turned out.
She's thrilled with it, and so am I. I'm getting much better with my design time. Last time it took me 20 or so restrings. But this one, only took a couple. I'm sure the more I make, the better and faster I'll become.
I also did a special order of the Summer Sliders I posted Tuesday, but this time in pink. They turned out so cute that I may make a set for myself. They're so much fun to wear because you can play with them. Yes. I really do. I just love to hear them
Today we're going to Mary's to help her and her husband pack up their house. Where are they going? They're moving out and into their camping trailer with their 4 boys for three weeks while they work on the house. Once we get everything packed up, Dwayne and I are going to help them scrape the acoustic off their ceiling, paint the inside and tear out the old carpet because, they're getting new carpet in two weeks. This is the first change they've made to their home in 10 years, and have no idea how stressful it's going to be. So, we're going to be there to help them through it. I will say.... I'm so glad it's her this time, and not me! We went though a major remodel a year and a half ago, and I hope to never go through that again. Whew! That was very stressful!
I posted new pictures of our Girl Scout trip to The El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood last Saturday and our GS trip to the Sheriff's Station this week. Madison and I had such a great time at the pottery place last Sunday, that I totally forgot to take a picture of us. Oh, well. When we get our piece back, I'll post a picture so you can see what we made.
Have a lovely weekend!

(April 22nd, 2009)
Happy Earth Day everyone! We just got home from doing a service project at the Elementary School. Our Girl Scout Troop planted flowers in celebration of Earth Day, and had so much fun. I posted pictures so you can see what they did. I got the principal and the assistant in the shot when they came out to see what the girls were planting. Madison is sitting in front with the Hannah Montana hat on.
Madison's 'Survivor' themed birthday party was a blast! There's nothing like 17 screaming kindergarteners having a great time playing games. The best ones were: water bucket brigade and the worm eating challenge.  In the water bucket brigade. They had to pass a pixie cup down the line, full of water, and the first tribe to fill up their bucket, wins! You should of heard them screaming. Oh, man, it was so exciting! In the worm eating challenge, they had to put a worm in their mouth (sour gummy worms, of, chew it, swallow it and open their mouth to show us it was gone before the next tribe member could go. It was a scene right out of survivor. You should of seen them. I posted some pictures of her birthday party, too. Boy, what fun!
Saturday we went to Redondo Beach. The beach is my favorite place to be. I'd totally move there, but only if I could afford too. NOT! I wouldn't care if I lived in a little beach shack, but we can't afford that Sunday, Jordan had 3 of his friends over. Mary's boys. You remember her, right? We used to live across the street from them 5 years ago. They come over quite often and even more so when it's hot because we have a pool. And guess what? It was 98 on Sunday, and yes, we were swimming. Monday it was 100, and Tuesday 102. Yahoo! I love this time of year.
Friday I'm working in Madison's classroom. Saturday we're going to the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood to see a special screening of 'Disneynature- Earth.' And then on Sunday, Madison and I are going Color Me Mine to paint a ceramic Mother's Day keepsake together. It's a fun raising event for one the Girl Scout Troops in our service unit, and I'm really looking forward it. Oh, did I tell you yesterday, the girls took a candy making class? They really enjoyed that.
On top of all the fun things we've been going, I've been really busy working on orders. I do plan on having new beads next week. It'll be calmer, I hope. :)
Enjoy the rest of your week, and have a wonderful weekend!

(April 14th, 2009)
Hello :) I'm back from Montana and had a really great time. We stopped in Las Vegas, Saturday, on the way up so I could go to the Glass Craft Expo. I met Cornia Tettingerat the Frantz Art Glass booth where I bought supplies. When she realized who I was she said, I know you! Then she got right up out of her chair and gave me a great big hug. How cool is that? It was so nice to meet her. She is very sweet. :)
It was a 16 hour drive one way to Montana, and boy, what a schlep! The kids were great during the ride up and back, but of course, they kept asking... How much longer? We have a DVD player in the car, so watching movies kept them pretty occupied. Yay! For that.
When we went over the Montana line at 5:00am Sunday morning, it was only 2 degrees. And that's when I thought... Oh, man, I'm going to freeze my butt off. But it turned out to be between 30 and 50 degrees the whole time we were there. And from what I heard, 50 is a heatwave for Montana. Ha! For some reason when it's 50 here in So Cal. I'm really cold. But being in Montana at 50 degrees it didn't seem as cold, really. Their climate is much drier than ours, so maybe that's why. Not sure.
We spent most of our time around town and at the Klondike in Dillon. It's our dear friends, Art & Kim's, restaurant, bar and casino. We did a little gambling on the keno and poker machines. Not much. Because I don't like the losing money part. Who doesn't? We ate most of our meals in their restaurant and the food was outstanding!!! I'm sure I gained 5 pounds because my pants are now tight...LOL Did some sightseeing. Went to the town history museum and a ghost town in Bannack. That was a lot of fun! And then we walked around in the towns cemetery from the 1800's, which was neat, but very creepy. It was right up Dwayne's alley. He loves that stuff. Me? I feel like they're watching me, which they probably were. Tuesday we went bowling. Did do that great because we haven't bowled in a year. Thank goodness we had the bumpers up for the kids because we sure needed them.
On Madison's birthday, Wednesday the 8th, we went to Art's sisters house on the outskirts of town. She cooked us a wonderful chicken dinner and baked Madison a yummy chocolate cake- her favorite. We played dominoes and to top it all off, she let Madison and Jordan feed apples to the horses. What a great birthday it turned out to be. Thank you Vicki and Peter!
We headed for home Thursday afternoon around 5:00 and stopped in Idaho Falls around 7:30 so I could met one of my customers. She took us out for ice cream at her local dairy farm and sent us home with a bag of cheese curd, which I've never had, and boy, was that good! Thanks, Pat! It was so nice to met you. :)
Because we left so late in the day, it felt like a really long drive back. And by the time we got home, Friday afternoon, we were totally exhausted. So we spent the next two days relaxing, and of course, doing laundry.
It was 82 degrees when my cousins were here Easter Sunday. Yahoo! I loved it. :))) I cooked a ham and fixing's. She baked cupcakes with the kids and we had fun decorating them. We then relaxed out back and played Uno Attack. So fun!
Yesterday morning Jordan left for Science Camp with the 5th grade class from school and he won't be home til Friday late afternoon. I'm sure he's having the time of his life right now. I know he did last week in Montana, but this trip is without mom and dad, so I'm sure he's having a blast. Today they're on a tide pool adventure walk. How fun! Wish I was there.
Friday night we're having a big birthday party for Madison here at the house. It's a 'Survivor' themed party that we've been planning for a couple of weeks. We have all challenges figured out and are splitting them up into 2 tribes. They're going to make tribal necklaces and decorate their party bags with animal stickers to put their goody wins in. At the end we're going to-do a tribal counsel around the fire pit and ask them which part of the party was their favorite. Boy, I can't wait. I'm so excited about it! You'd think it was my birthday.
I still have to catch up on my emails and am thinking about offering the Delightful Handfuls  again with free shipping. I'm going to look and see what I have to offer, and hopefully, get them posted before the day is out. I also want to put some trip pictures in my photo gallery so you can see how much fun we had.
Have a great one!

(April 3rd, 2009)
Hello Happy Friday! We're going on vacation tomorrow. Where are we going? We're going to Montana.  Our very dear friends moved there about 4 years ago and we haven't seen them in 2 years. So when they called today to invite us up, we thought... why not this weekend?! The kids are on spring break all next week, so it's a great time to go. Yahoo! See you when we get back. :)
Take care everyone!

(April 2nd, 2009)
Hi! I'm back with the specialsI have to share with you today. If I ever thought I was only a one or two color combo girl, I don't anymore. Carnival is breakout set that is so colorful and fun. Oh, boy, I can't wait to make more like these! :)
Turquoiseis making a come back and I've always wanted to try this effect, and am so pleased with the way they turned out. They have a matte finish for a real stone like texture that's purdy neat.
And finally, I have 2 sets of round florals. When I want to relax while making beads, I turn to making chintz. Because everything is melted in, I don't have to worry about making a mistake. They turn out perfectly every time. I have two sets today one in lavenderand one in pink.
Thanks for peeking!
I'm volunteering in Madison's class tomorrow. It's Young Author's Day. Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Thursday everyone! Boy, where did the week go? I've been crazy busy with so much going on...
Saturday, Madison had a great time at the birthday party, and really enjoyed doing gymnastics.
Sunday, we went on a bike ride to the mall and saw Monsters Vs. Aliens in Disney Real 3D. It was AWESOME! With the 3D glasses on, it looked as though spaceships were floating right inside the movie theater, and objects were coming from behind your head. Truly amazing visual effects. If your theater is showing it in Disney Real 3D, see it that way. It's totally worth the extra you pay for the ticket.
Monday, I volunteered at the school with a couple of the other moms to cut and bake 76 dragon cookies for two of the 5th grade classes. They just finished reading Dragon Rider. And Tuesday they celebrated it by decorating the cookies we baked in class. How fun! I didn't get to see how Jordan's turned out because he ate it on the way home. Guess they were good.
Tuesday, Holly came by and spent a little time with me. That was fun! Thanks for coming, Holly. :) That night Jordan's class had their recorder performance. All that practicing really paid off because they sounded terrific.
Wednesday, I finished up the specials I have for you today.  I'm working on the pictures and will have them up in just a bit.
What's today? Oh, yeah. It's Thursday! Almost forgot where I was...LOL
I didn't go on the computer yesterday because of the virus scare. I've had my fair share of viruses, so I just didn't chance it. I'll get the drawing done in just a bit, too.
I'll be back to talk about the new beads. I'm off to get them ready. Boy, won't you be surprised!!! :)

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