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(June 30th, 2009)
Good morning :) How is everyone? We're doing great! Boy has it been hot. Temps reaching the 100's just about everyday now. We've been spending a lot of time in our pool keeping cool. And guess what? It's working. Yay! What would we do without a pool? Oh, I know. We'd
I have some great summertime beads for you today. There are 4 sets of paradise blooms; aqua, teal, lavender and blue. Those are so much fun to make that I wouldn't mind taking additional orders on them once they've sold. Just send me a note if you'd like a set. I also have 2 beachy sets and a pair of sand dollars. I'm on a roll with beachy beads so I'll have some more available Thursday... Same time 11:30 pst.
I'm off to spend some time with my kiddies. We're headed for the pool, of course. Keep cool!

(June 25th, 2009)
Happy Thursday everyone! It's been such a busy week. The days just seem to pass by in a flash. It feels as though... the older I get the faster time flies. Goodness will it ever slow down?!
Monday, we went and saw Up. And I have to tell you, it was such a great movie! It defiantly pulled at my heart strings, which I totally didn't expect. I thought it was about an old man and a boy scout going on an adventure but it was so much more than that. If you saw it, too, then you know what I mean. It made me cry, did it you? I cry at most things, though. I'm such a softy.
Today, we're going up to have lunch with Dwayne's parents, who are camping at a campground just a few miles from us. We've also camped there in the past but it's been a while, though. Jordan and Madison are ready and waiting with baited breath so I better get going.
Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

(June 19th, 2009)
Woo Hoo! What a busy week it's been. I don't know about you but I'm so happy it's Friday. Yay! :) Dwayne is on the road today but will be home later this afternoon. The weather has warmed up into the high 80's so we plan on swimming and barbecuing something for dinner. Not sure what yet. But I've been craving grilled chicken with mexican spices and rice & beans on the side. Oh, and, I love making my own homemade salsa. Yummy! So I plan on doing that too.
Weekend plans... Tomorrow, I'm going to my bead association meeting in Redondo Beach. I try not to miss because it's always so much fun. This time we're going to watch a BIG fish demo by one of my favorite lampworkers and the president of the So. Cal Flame Surfers, Judy Carlson. Oh boy, how exciting!
Dwayne will be on the road for Father's Day so we're going to celebrate it when he gets home on Monday. What are we going to do? Go have lunch, and then see UP. It's looks like such a cute movie, doesn't it? Oh I hope so.
Well, I better get I have to go grocery shopping and get that yummy chicken for dinner.
Have a wonderful weekend!

(June 18th, 2009)
Hi! We had such a busy day yesterday. What did we do? Dwayne and I helped our friends paint 4 of the bedrooms in their house. It was fun, but a lot of work, and we didn't get home till really late. I did plan on being back early enough to make beads and have them ready for today, but that didn't happen. Dwayne took the kids Frisbee golfing this morning to give me time to work. How sweet is he? :))) So look forward to new beads tomorrow instead.
Have a lovely day!

(June 16th, 2009)
Hello. :) Happy Tuesday! Madison is on a play-date today, it's her first one this Summer. She went with a friend from Girl Scouts to a craft store to make a craft, and then to Mc Donalds for lunch. I'm sure she's having a blast. Jordan? None of his friends are home today, so he's moping around the house bored to death. Poor guy! I'll have to think of something to do with him today.
What have I been up to? Dwayne was home yesterday, so I worked on orders all day. Would you like to see what I made? Of course you would! I made a kitty cat set with a trio of mice for a lady who wanted a Pampered Pooch set because it reminded her of her kitty. But I thought to myself... now what cat wants a bone? I couldn't think of any. So I just had to try my hand at mice. They turned out pretty neat, I think. What do you think? I also had two request for pooch sets in blue. One is light blue and the other is green tea- the same color glass as in the Kona set. Now how cute are they? I'm having so much fun with the sliders sets and am thrilled they are so popular. You guys are keeping me very busy, and I absolutely love it. Thank you! :)

One new slider set today: Pretty Woman. Now this one goes way back. I made my first PW set back in 2005. It was one of my favorites so I just had to turn it into sliders. You know. After going through my new gallery pictures, I have a bunch more ideas for sliders. Oh, boy!
I'm working on getting myself on a posting schedule... again. I know. I know. I get so excited about new beads that I can't wait to show you guys. But it really does make more sence to post once a week instead of 3, 4 or Now I just need to pick a day. I'm not sure about Fridays because most people go away early for the weekend, especially, during the Summer. So maybe Thursday would be better. I'll do Thursday this week and see how it goes. Sound good?
Have a terrific Tuesday!

(June 12th, 2009)
I've been one busy girl. What have I been doing? I've been setting up my two new gallery pages: 2008 and 2009. I've been wanting to get these up for awhile now and I finally did. Yahoo! So this is where all the sold beads will go. Except for the sliders, of course. They have their own gallery. Go on in. Take a peek. :)

Who Hoo! Happy Friday! It's been a weird week weather wise, it's very June gloom. And I can't remember when it's been this dreary for so many days in a row. It kinda feels like October, which is strange. I will say, though... it's really nice torching weather. Not having to run my AC has been a blessing, especially, this time of year when it's usually in the 80's or 90's.
I have one new slider set to share with you today. Now I know I said I wouldn't have anything else this week, but yesterday, while working on orders, I got this great idea to make a slider flower set in the funky colors I used in Fun & Funky and the Funky & Fun sets. They're such cool colors, aren't they? I had so much fun making them in fact that I'm going to open them up for ordering. See full description below.
Weekend plans... Jordan has basketball practice tonight and a scrimmage game tomorrow. It'll be the first time we get to see his team play together, and we're so excited! Hey! How 'bout that Lakers' game last night... wasn't that exciting? During the last 5 minutes, I was on the edge of my seat, biting my Woo Hoo! Go Lakers! Sunday will be a day of relaxing. I worked hard this week, so it'll be much deserved.
Oh, one more thing... I finally added a designer gallery to my website. I've been wanting to add one for such a long time, but never got around to it. (you know how that goes) I would love to add as many designers who'd like to be included. So if you do, send me a picture of what you've made with my beads and the link to your site or listing and I'll happily put you up there.
Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing weekend as well. :) 

(June 10th, 2009)
Happy Wednesday! I had such a great day at the torch yesterday. I love it when that happens. :) There are five new pandora beads: By the Sea in three different colors, puppy paws and dog bones in pink & black. Plus, three new slider sets: Penny the Piggy- she's a cutie!, Bejeweled- so lovely! and another set of Pampered Pooch, but this time in pink & black. Thank you so much for seeing what I have to offer today.
I'm currently packing the orders from yesterday so if you buy something today and would like to combine shipping, just let me know. As I'll be by the computer for the next hour.
I'm off to do the free beads drawing. Good luck everyone!

(June 9th, 2009)
Good morning! I have two new slider sets: Pampered Pooch and Funky & Fun. And if you're looking for ball chain necklaces to go along with the sliders, I am now carrying those. There are two cored Pandora beads: Puppy Paws and Dog Bones in black & white. And finally, I have a red, white & blue set with 1/16th holes. Yes. I do still remember how to make Thanks for peeking! :)
We had such a great time at the beach yesterday. Jordan and Madison had fun playing in the water. Me? No way! It's still too cold for me to go in. Maybe the end of July. But poor Madison scratched her thigh on a rock beneath the water when she got knocked over by a wave. It bled a little bit, but she's fine though. After being down at the beach for a couple of hours, we went to the Redondo Beach Harbor for dinner. I had shrimp & vegetables, and boy, was it was delicious! We took a walk around the Harbor and stopped in at an arcade where they had a Tilt-A-Whirl. Jordan asked if he could ride, so we did. Now he does not like rides at all, so I was shocked that he asked. Madison was game, too, so I went with. You should of heard him screaming though "OMG! I'm gonna die!", but then the look on his face once we got off. He was smiling from ear-to-ear, saying... Let's go again! He's so funny. I've been trying to get him to go to Six Flags that's only 5 minutes from our house, but he's been refusing to go. So maybe, just maybe, he'll want to go now. I hope so. Oh, how I do love roller coasters.
I'm working today, so I better run. I will have more beads tomorrow. Same time 11:30am pst.
Have a great day!

(June 8th, 2009)
Hi! We're going to the beach today. Yay! The kids are so excited and ready to rush me out the door. I do have new beads, but have ran out of time to post them before we leave, so I'll do them tomorrow instead.
Have a marvelous Monday! :)


(June 4th, 2009)
Hello :) Happy Thursday! I had the best time at the tea party yesterday. I sat at a table with another mom, Jordan and 5 students from his class. Plus, Madison, who was able to attended for an hour before I had to get her to class. We were asked to dress for the occasion. And guess what? I wore a dress and heels. Haven't done that in forever. I know. It sounds funny, but I never have the opportunity to wear one. I'm always in shorts or jeans and a tee shirt, so it was fun being able to dress up. There was good conversation. The kids all talked about the books they read, and were asked questions from Cue cards the teacher gave to us ask; What things they would of done differently if they were the character?, What they liked best about the book?... things like that. We ate the scones with devonshire cream and lemon curd. I've never had either one before, and let me tell ya, it was so yummy! Lemon curd tastes just like the filling in lemon meringue pie. Who knew? Well, maybe you did, but I sure didn' The finger sandwiches were delicious, too. They all loved tuna ones, it was the biggest hit. I'm so happy I volunteered because it was great fun! :)
After school today, I'm taking Jordan to buy a new skateboard: a Chocolate, it's a name brand board that's he's been wanting for a long time. He received some money from his brother, so he now has enough to pay for it on his own. And at $50.00 just for the board, I'm sure he'll take excellent care of it coming out of his own pocket. Not mom or dad's.
Enjoy the rest of your week!
(June 2nd, 2009)
Well, that was easy! It only took 2 hours to bake 100 scones. Much quicker than I had thought it would. Tomorrow, they'll be back (the moms who helped me today) to make the cucumber and tuna sandwiches. Yes. Tuna, too. I always find these things out at the last minute. There's always something else, isn't there? I'm helping out at the schools Colonial tea party tomorrow, and then, I'll be at my Girl Scout meeting in the afternoon, so you won't see me till Thursday.
Two new slider sets today: Safari and Cherry Coke. Why Cherry Coke? Because that's what I was drinking when made them, and it was the first thing that popped into my head so I just went with it. Oh, and if you already have the 'Puppy Paw Sliders' these will match those perfectly. :)
Better run. I have work to-do before I pick up my kiddies. Then, I'm off to the ice cream social.

Have a great day!

(June 1st, 2009)
Happy June everyone! The year is flying by, isn't it? Only 4 more days of school left for my kiddies. They've been in countdown mode for the past 2 weeks. I don't blame them though. I LOVE Summer. It's my favorite time of year.
How do I manage to get myself volunteered for so many things? Because tonight, I'm making scone dough for 100 students in the 5th grade class, and tomorrow, me and another mom are baking them here at my house. Then Wednesday morning, we're making cucumber sandwiches for those same 100 students for the Colonial Tea party at school that day. Oh, and we're setting up and decorating the classroom too. I must have 'Ask me, I'll help!' written across my Good things do come to those who volunteer. Tomorrow at 3:00 I've been invited to an Ice Cream Social at the school. It's their way of saying thank you to all who volunteered this year. And then tomorrow night, I'm going to Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Night. It's 'Vegas' night and there will be prizes. And they rented a Margarita machine. I am so there! :)))
Jordan has his first basketball practice tonight. (Dwayne is taking him. Whew! :) It's at the park just a few blocks from our house, so it's very convenient. Not like baseball was... clear on the other side of town. It's been 3 years since he's played bb, and I'm really looking forward to it. And it being played indoors over the Summer. Yay!
New sliders tomorrow. I'm thinking 9:00am pst would work best because the other mom said she'd be here around 10:00. So I'd like to get all my work done before she shows up.
See you tomorrow!

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