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(August 31, 2009)
Happy Monday everyone! We had such a lovely weekend, and I hope you did, too. Saturday, we went to the final summer concert in the park. It was disco night, and boy, did that bring back memories. What fun! Sunday, I took the kids and two of their friends to both the skate and water park. And after being out in the sun for two hours, we couldn't wait to get into the water. Woo Wee! It was hot! Temps have reached triple digits over the past few days, and the humidity makes it even worse. Whew!
Not much else happening around here. Although, we've been keeping our eye on one of the four fires burning in and near the Angeles Crest Forest. The closest one being in Acton, just 35 minutes from our house. We can see the smoke clouds billowing up into the sky for our backyard. But don't believe we'll be in any danger, because it's moving East and we're in the North-West part of the valley. They say the vegetation hasn't burned in over 100 years, so there's a lot of fuel to keep it going, but hope to have it contained within 4 days. Gosh... So. California has had a lot of fires. I think we've had two really big fires every year for the past 4 years. It's very scary and can only imagine how hard our firefighters are working to put it out. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.
Have a great day!

(August 27, 2009)
Hello :) I'm back, once again, from the land of hacksville. Yep! Can you believe it? They got into my website again. I don't understand how it's happened twice within a month. I have never, ever, shared my passwords with anyone, so how do they get it? I am happy to be back online though, it feels like I've been gone forever.
Tonight's back to school night and we're looking forward to hearing about this years curriculum. Madison is in a 1st/2nd grade split and you won't believe why. Well, maybe you will. The school district didn't have the budget to pay the salary for an additional 5th grade teacher, so instead, they split grades all the way down to first to absorb the student numbers. So every grade this year has 1 split grade class. I just feel sorry for that 1 teacher who's out of a job, and all because the state had to make cuts. How sad is that?
I've been really busy working on orders, so I won't have anything new till next week, although, I did post a set on Etsy yesterday because my site was down. So if you don't mind, please head over there to check it out. And yes, it'll come with a free pair of candy corns. :)
Have a great day!

(August 24, 2009)
Hello. We had a wonderful weekend, and I hope you did, too. My brother, Kenny, was here and we really enjoyed his visit. It was so nice to see him and hear about all the places he'd been with the Navy. He went to Guam, Thailand, Africa, Dubai, Jordan and he even got to ride on a camel. How fun is that?! He also spent a week in Hawaii, something I've always dreamed of doing. Ah, maybe some day.
Saturday, when Dwayne was home, he took everyone to play Frisbee golf, except me. Not that I don't like going, it's just something he likes to do with the kids. And I'd much rather stay home and make beads anyway. So, that's how I was able to finish up my adorable Halloween beads over the weekend. Yay! A girlfriend of mine absolutely loves Nightmare Before Christmas, so I tried my hand at making Jack, and am so pleased with the way he turned out. I have 3 sets with him and 2 additional fun spooky ones. Plus, a new slider set and a bat and bone pendant. How cute is he upside down on that bone? Ha! :) Although, I do have one of each ready to go, but once those sell, I'll mark them "Made to Order" as quickly as I can, so you'll know if yours will be or not. Oh, and this time, I'm giving away a free pair of candy corns with the purchase of a set. And the same as before, a ball chain necklace with the purchase of the slider set. All you have to do is say... "Trick or Treat". Happy Halloween everyone!
Have a lovely week!

(August 21, 2009)
Woo Hoo... TGIF everyone! And what a happy Friday it is. My brother, Kenny, is on his way up from San Diego on the train. It'll be the first time we've seen him since returning from a 6 month deployment with the Navy. He'll only be here for the weekend, so it'll be a short visit, but we're so excited to finally get to see him. Yay!
It's been a weird week. Now that the kids are back in school, I'm home alone during the day and it feels very strange. Not that I'm lonely, I have plenty to keep me busy. But you'd think I'd of made a ton of beads these past 3 days, no not really. I've been in a funk and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's a matter of getting used to the changes. I'm hoping for a better beady mood next week.
So, Madison got Jordan's 1st grade teacher, but not the one we we're thinking, though. And Jordan got the teacher he wanted, his 4th grade teacher. Yay! But he only has her for homeroom, because he's in 6th grade now and they switch classes for math, science and language. So basically, he's only in her room for attendance and 1 class. He thinks it's pretty neat that they get to change classes this year. I think so, too, because it prepares them for middle school next year. Am I really going to have a middle-school-er next year?! I can't believe it! It feels like I just walked him into kindergarten.
Well, I better get I have a lot to do before Kenny arrives.
Have a great weekend!

(August 20, 2009)
Hi there! :) I have 4 new Autumn bead sets to share with you today in the lovely shades of pumpkin & spice. This is a color I absolutely love, so much so, that I made a special trip to buy some more last week. I hope you all love it as much as I do. Thanks for peeking! :)
I have a friend here who wants to see me make beads today, so off to work I go.
Have a terrific Thursday!

(August 17, 2009)
Hello :) Happy Monday! Did everyone have a great weekend? We sure did. Saturday, we went to a concert in the park and saw 'Don't Stop Believing' a Journey tribute band play. The park was packed with thousands of people and it was amazing to see so many in attendance. It was a sea of people, I kid you not. I posted a picture of Jordan and Madison doing the wave and a short video clip of DSB performing 'Small Town Girl' in my flicker album so go check it out. They are absolutely fantastic!
School starts in just 2 days, not that I'm counting. Okay... maybe I am. Not that I'm looking forward to my kiddies going back to school, I am though, looking forward to getting back into a regular routine. Summer has been fun and full of trips to the beach, skate parks, water parks, sleepovers and staying up past midnight. They get such a kick out of staying up late that I let them do it a couple of times. Our district posts the class list the day before school begins so we won't know until tomorrow which classes they're in. Jordan's second grade teacher is teaching first this year and Madison would like to have her. And Jordan's fourth grade teacher is teaching sixth this year so he's hoping to have her again.
I'm working on new beads this week and will have them ready for you Thursday at 11:30am PST. See you then. :)
Have a wonderful week!

(August 11th, 2009)
Happy Tuesday! It's been a busy couple of a days.  Saturday, Jordan played his last basketball game. It was tied 20 - 20 going into the fourth. We were cheering, clapping and stomping our feet in the bleachers, hoping we'd win. But the other team gained 11 points in the last period and ended up winning. Our boys didn't win a single game this season, but they sure had fun playing their little hearts out and that's all that matters. Following the game, we went out for pizza with the team. We ate barbecue chicken pizza. Have you ever tried it? It's my favorite. Yummy!
Sunday, Jordan, Madison and I spent the day cleaning his room. We went through his toys and clothes that didn't fit anymore and bagged them up for Goodwill. We also painted his room blue and rearranged his furniture all by ourselves. Dwayne was on the road working and was so surprised at all the work we had done while he was gone. We can only hope Jordan keeps his room clean and clutter free because he's not so good about it. So I'll have to give him gentle reminders like... See how clean your room looks?! and... Isn't it nice like this?! And just maybe, he'll catch
I've been super busy with Halloween and special order beads and have a feeling I will be for the rest of week. I already have plans for new beads and will get to them as soon as I'm done with all the pending orders. Thank you all so much for ordering. I really do have the best customers. :)
Have a fantastic week!

(August 6th, 2009)
Well, the fun never ends.... I'm still having trouble getting emails out to some of you. And I wasn't able to update my website until just a little while ago so I couldn't do the free beads drawing till today. Man, not being able to get my work done is... making me crazy! Thankfully though, I printed out all the packing slips for the Halloween orders ahead of time so all I had to do this morning is pack and print the shipping labels out from paypal. So for everyone who's paid, yours is going out today. Yay!
I have two new Halloween sets to share with you today. Ghosts, bones and peppermints... Oh, my! These two are just too cute. I'm also offering free pumpkins with these sets. All you have to do is say, Trick or Treat! Now remember, I'm taking the Halloween Spooktacular down tomorrow so if you still want to place an order and receive your free treat, please make your purchase before time runs out.
Have a wonderful day!

(August 4th, 2009)
Hello :) Some of you may have noticed my website was down for a couple hours on Saturday. I had to reset my passwords so that caused it to go offline to propagate. I am still having trouble with sending out emails to a few of you because they keep bouncing back. Pappashop is in the process of figuring out what's wrong, and hopefully, they'll have it figured out in the next day or two. During the process of switching, I've lost emails with request for beads, so if I haven't replied to you, please send another one and I'll reply through my private email address. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.
My brother, Kenny, is back from being on deployment for 6 months, and is so happy to be back on land. Yay! His ship arrived in San Diego Saturday, and we really wanted to be there. What an awesome experience it would of been, especially, for Jordan and Madison. We didn't go because his grandparents went down to pick him up and they stayed in a hotel room for the night. Then they took him to the airport the next morning to fly home to Washington State for 15 days of leave. So there was no sense in us going this time. We do plan on seeing him when he returns to base in a couple weeks. Oh boy, we can't wait!
I've been super busy working on the Halloween orders and am fling through them pretty quickly. Love that! I'm going to keep them up till Friday because I've had a couple people say they'd like to order them this week.
I'm off to do the dishes and some laundry before it eats me
Have a super Tuesday!

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