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(September 29, 2009)
Happy Tuesday everyone! We went to my cousins wedding Saturday and had such a great time. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a lot of fun. You should of seen Madison out there on the dance floor. She was shake'in it and almost break'in it. OMG! She was so darn cute! Jordan? We had to drag him out there, because he wouldn't go any other way. He only lasted one song, though, then quickly ran off the
The pump in our washing machine broke last week and I had been dreading going to the laundromat. But when I had 8 loads of wash to-do, we just had to. And you know what? It wasn't so bad after-all. Instead of it being 8 loads, it was only 4. Because they have the big front loaders there, I was able to put 2 loads into one machine. So, what would of taken me 2 days to-do at home, only took an hour at the laundromat. Yay! It was great, and I really wouldn't mind going again. It made doing our laundry so much easier. Love it!
With cooler temps this week, it has finally put me in the mood for Fall and Winter beads. So today, I have scarecrows, pumpkins, black birds, snow girls and penguins, that are simply adorable. I was so proud of myself when I got that little black bird to sit on the scarecrows hat. Now how cute is he? Thank you so much for seeing what I have to offer today. :)
Have a terrific day!

(September 23, 2009)
Happy Wednesday everyone! Well, the fires just don't stop, do they? There are 4 new fires burning in So. California. But thankfully, this time, none of them are near us. One would think CA has burned itself out by now, but it is so dry and hot that they continue to start. They believe the fire in Moorpark started by cow manure that spontaneously combusted. How weird is that?! I've never heard of poop starting a fire. But I guess there are chemicals in it that react to the heat, and boy, has it been hot. In the high 90's for a week now, and today, they say it's supposed to reach the 100 degree mark. Whew! Come on Fall... where are you?
Special orders have been taking up a lot of my time this week, but I do have a couple new things to share with you today. First, a bracelet in one of my favorite color combos black, white and yellow that is just too cute! I also have 2 Pandora beads with dots of pure sterling sliver and a Fiesta slider set in the colors I worked with last week. Thanks for peeking! :)
It's a minimum school day today, so I have to get my kiddies at noon. Not sure what we're going to do this afternoon before Girls Scouts at 3:30. Madison has so much homework this week: 9 pages and some have two sides. Goodness... the teachers like to keep us busy at home, don't they? I was thinking it'd be fun for her to do some of her work at the park today. That way it'll give her a nice play break in between and she won't feel too overwhelmed. I'll have to ask her. though. But I'm pretty sure she won't turn me
Have wonderful Wednesday!

(September 18, 2009)
Woo Hoo... Happy Friday! We spent 3 hours waiting for Honda to finish servicing our car yesterday. Geezz... what the heck takes them so long to change the oil anyway?! They're not in any hurry, that's for sure. So, what did we do? First, Dwayne and I walked down the street to AAA to pay the registration on our car. We don't like going to the DMV, because you wait in line forever!!! And since we have AAA as our insurance carrier, it's so much easier to take care of it there. You know. Our vehicle registration went up $40.00 from last year. What's up with that? All the 'extra' taxes we have to pay makes me crazy. We continued our walk another block down to the mall, and walked around in there. We didn't buy anything, just window shopped. Then we walked back towards the dealership, thinking it's just about time to pick up our car. But we first stopped into Barnes and Noble to grab a coffee, look at books and wait for them to call us. I looked and looked for a new book, but nothing peeked my interest. Although, I did pick up The Haunting of America, but put it back after seeing a chapter on Do you ever watch A Haunting on the Discovery Channel? I do all the time, but only when Dwayne is home, because I scare the heebie-jeebies out of myself when I watch it alone. Now I love Ghost Whisperer and watch that every Friday night, and sometimes, I'll record it and watch it later. I have no problem watching that one alone, but there's something about watching true haunting stories that scares me a little. But I have to admit, I kind of like it. I thought 'The Haunting of America' would be a good book for me to read, but I couldn't get the courage up to buy it, because I thought something in it might haunt me just for purchasing it. Silly. I know. I'm such a chicken, but a curious one. Ha-ha! Has anyone read it? I'd like to hear if you think I could handle it or So I didn't end up with a book. I do love biographies, but just couldn't decide on one of those either. Any recommendations out there? Please. I'd love to get some. :)
Madison and I are starting our first sewing project today. I taught her and Jordan how to sew on my machine 2 weeks ago. And yesterday, she picked out a simple tote bag pattern and puppy print fabric that's so darn cute. She's eager to get started and I know it's this first thing she's going to ask about when I pick her up from school this afternoon. She gets out an hour earlier than Jordan, so that'll give us just enough time to cut things out. Then we'll start sewing after Jordan gets home. I'll show you what it looks like when we're done. Now I'm excited.
Tomorrow, I'm going to my cousin's bridal shower in Upland for a morning of pampering. How fun does that sound? I haven't been pampered in so long that I can't even remember
Wishing you a wonderful weekend :)

(September 16, 2009)
Oh, man. What a day! I had a student here this morning. She's actually the mom of the boy who Jordan gave an accidental black eye to at the end of the school year. Do you remember that story? Well, she's been wanting to learn how to make beads for a very long time, and actually knew who I was even before our sons met in school. How cool is that? :) So, she came over today to pick up the beads she ordered, watch me torch (btw those beads will be up tomorrow) and make her very first bead. She definitely agreed, it's much harder than I make it look. But it really is all about practice, practice, practice. I then sent her home with a list of things to get once she's ready to get started. It was a lot of fun and totally felt like a
After school today, we took our Girl Scout Troop to William S. Hart Park here in town to feed the animals. They have: pigs, cows, turkeys, roosters, chickens, pheasants, deer and donkeys. We didn't get to feed the pigs, though, they were on a special diet. Too funny! And after that, we went on a nature hike. The girls enjoyed the walk, and especially, feeding the animals.
Tomorrow morning I'm taking my car in for scheduled maintenance, so I'm not sure what time the new sets will be up. I always walk over to Barnes and Noble, grab a coffee at Starbucks, read and wait for them to call me. I just love doing that! :))) 

(September 15, 2009)
Hello everybody! So, how was your weekend? Great, I hope. :) Guess what I did? I moved the furniture around in our family room and living room. I do that about every 3 months or so for a change in scenery. My kids call me crazy, but I can't help it. You should of heard Jordan when I called for him to come and help me with the heavy stuff. He said, "Oh no, not again!" Ha-ha! Dwayne wasn't home Saturday, he was working, so it was a good day to do it, because he too, thinks I'm He was pleasantly surprised when he got home Sunday morning, and loves the new look as much as I do. I plan to keep it this way for awhile. Well, at least til Christmas, when we need to make room for the tree. That's just about 3 months, isn't it?
We got a taste of cooler weather yesterday, when it barely reached 70 degrees. It was cloudy, breezy and felt like rain. Boy, was that nice! But today, it's almost 80 again and I heard by the weekend we'll be back into the 90's. Goodness... will our heat ever end?! I'm beginning to think not.
I have to run and go pick up Madison from school. I do have a set ready to post and may do that when I get back.
Have a terrific Tuesday! 

(September 11, 2009) A day of remembrance.
Woo Hoo! TGIF everyone!!! I have 3 new focalsto share with you today. I keep asking myself... Did 'I' really make them?! It sounds silly. I know. But I've never been an organic focal kind of girl, so I'm surprising myself and I love it! No email on these today since I did one yesterday, so I'm hoping you'll take a peek all on your own. Thank you!
We are so happy!!! Our park has finally reopened. It had been closed to the public for several weeks because the city turned it into a fire camp while the firefighters were battling the wildfires. When you drove by you could see several forestry service water tankers, tractor trailer food delivery trucks, sleeping trailers and fire engines galore. And on occasion, you could see the firefighters rolling up mounds of hoses and packing them up their trucks. It looked like a village in the park and truly an amazing site. Dwayne said he heard there were 9 tractor trailers with sleeping quarters that could hold up to 400 people at one time. Wow! So, we're happy to finally be able to go to the park again. We usually go 3 to 4 times a week so our dog, Bolt, can play in the off-leash dog park. The poor guy has seen missing his friends and is looking forward to going tonight. Yay!
Today is a minimum school day, so I'm taking the kids, and a friend, to Burger King for lunch and to play. It seems to be the place to go when the kids get out early, because they always meet up with a school friend or two. Jordan is sleeping over at a friends house tonight. And of course, Madison thinks it's not fair. I try so hard to help her understand that she can't go everywhere with Jordan. But I guess when you're six years old, it is hard to understand. She is going to a birthday party, Sunday, for one of her girlfriends from school. It's a mani-pedi party put on by a salon. Yes. They come to your home and do children's manicure and pedicure parties. Now how fun is that? Hey! I need mine done. Do you think they'll mind if I tag along?
It's supposed to be 102 today. Yikes! I can't wait for Fall.
Have a wonderful weekend! :)

(September 10, 2009)
Happy Thursday everyone! The two focals I talked about yesterday are finally up. Yay! Man, taking pictures of a focal is much harder than a set. I am still not happy with the way the pictures look, because they don't do them justice. They are so much more shiny and prettier in person. So whoever buys them, will be pleasantly surprised. Thanks for peeking! :)
Dwayne is home and we're going out to dinner tonight. Where to? Nothing fancy. Just to our local pizza joint. Have I told you how much I love barbecue chicken pizza? Well, they have the best one in town. Oh, boy, I can't wait!
Have a great day!

(September 9, 2009)
09/09/09 How cool is that? And what makes it even neater is... It's my birthday! What did we do? The kids took me out for a lovely pasta dinner. Dwayne's not home. He's on the road and will be home tomorrow, so I get to go out again tomorrow too. How 'bout that?! Don't you just love it when you can drag your birthday out? I do! :)
I've been in a bead funk for a couple of days now. It happens every time I transition from one season to another. And especially since I've done so many Halloween beads already. So, I was talking to my mother-in-law today, who called to wish me a happy birthday, about it and she said "Go out there and just play today. It's your birthday after all. Do what you want to-do!" And that's exactly what I did- I played out of my box. And when you see the two focals I'll have up tomorrow, you'll totally not believe they were made by me.
I'm off to watch the premier of So you Think You Can Dance. Yahoo! I love that show.

(September 3, 2009)
Happy Thursday everyone! I have two new sets to share with you today. First, a set in Olivine that is complimented with shades of brown. I've always been drawn to greens and browns, because it's matches my hazel eyes. The other set is Pumpkin Pie which includes one of my hand sculpted pumpkins. It's an adorable set you can wear throughout the holidays. Thanks for peeking!

I've moved all of the Halloween made to order beads over to their own category, which you can find under my main menu. I don't mind continuing to take orders on them, but don't plan on making new ones anytime soon.
Yesterday, we took our girl scout troop to Bristol Farms for a tour of the grocery store, and afterward, they got to have an Ice Cream Social in their deli section for free! How nice is that?! Dryers ice cream, chocolate and caramel syrup, whip cream, nuts, sprinkles and cherries. Yummy! Boy that was fun, and delicious! I've never been in BF before. It's a fancy grocery store, which I stay away from because it's very pricey. And when you're feeding a family on a tight budget, it's not the kind of store you'd shop at anyway. But if I was single, you bet I'd shop there! They have a gourmet foods, some of which I've never heard of and I found myself grazing on samples as we walked through the store during our
Last I heard on the news, the Station fire is at 34% containment. When I walked outside to take the kids to school this morning, my car was covered with soot and ash. Yucky! The sky is brown and the air quality is unhealthful. They've been keeping the kids in at recesses and lunch watching movies. Jordan is totally bummed about having to stay indoors, because he likes to play football with his friends. Poor guy!
That's all for today. I need to make our grocery list and go shopping. I'm feeling like old mother hubbard without a bone to
Have a fantastic Thursday!

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