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(March 12, 2010)
Woo Hoo! Happy Friday everyone! Work is going great. I finished school and got a 94% on my final. Yahoo! Haven't had much time to work on beads, though, but do have three sets for you today. Two fun Springtime ones with bunnies, carrots, duck, egg and Easter corn. Just too cute! And then I have a sweet Sassy set with an adorable heart. Thanks for peeking!
This morning, I'm going to the school awards assembly where Madison is getting an award for citizenship. She doesn't know it yet because, they keep it a secret till they call their names during the assembly. Although, we're usually out the door by 7:10am so I'm not late for work so I'm sure she suspects some-thing's up.
Sorry for being away for so long, I didn't intend to be. But, boy, when I start something new, I really dive into it!
Have a great weekend, and I'll see you soon. Promise! 

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