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(October 28th, 2010)
I had such a great time in Madison's class this afternoon for their Fall party. We baked brownies yesterday, brought them today and, of course, they gobbled them up along with everything else the kids brought. 25, 7 year olds hyped up on sugar. Yep... good times! I almost forgot how much fun it is volunteering in the classroom, it's been a long time (May). They don't need as much help in 2nd grade as they did in 1st and Kindergarten. I told her teacher anytime she needs me, I'm more than happy to help.
I'm on a roll this week with new beads on Etsy. It's been a while since I've got this much out in a week, and it sure feels great. I've been posting everyday on my Facebook page, it's quick, it's easy. So if you'd like to receive up to the minute updates, you can subscribe to the left through my facebook link.
Have a great day!

(October 25th, 2010)
Well, it's exactly 2 months until Christmas, and I can't believe, I haven't made any Christmas beads. I know. What's wrong with me? I'm usually the early bird! But now I'm completely out of white. I placed my glass order yesterday, and it shipped today, so it should be here by the end of the week. I am so not used to mail order. In CA, I would drive down to Redondo Beach, get what I need, hit the pier for lunch and take in the view of the Pacific Ocean. I really, really miss that.
We decided not to do All-Star Cheer, after-all. The more Dwayne and I talked about it, the more we thought it's just too much. She is only 7. Instead, she can do dance or gymnastics. She really loves cheer, so it will improve her skills come next year.
New beads coming soon :) Have a marvelous Monday!

(October 22nd, 2010)
I redecorated my site yesterday, 'cause that black background with white text was hurting my eyes. Was it yours, too? It was pretty scary, but so not me. Too dark, too dreary, and it gave me the
So no sign of snow this morning, but then on my way to the grocery store, little flurries were falling. Boy, was that neat! They sure are pretty, aren't they? The tiniest things, and just too cute. I write about it as if it were a living thing. Ha! I'm sure the novelty will wear off real quick when we're buried in it up to our
I have one new set on Etsy today 'Merlot' and I'm sure you guessed it's burgundy in color. It includes a bead-utiful sculpted floral. Thank you so much for seeing what I have to offer today. :)
Weekend plans... Tonight we're going to my sis-in-law's birthday party. Sunday, Madison is cheering her final football game of the season, although, she still has practices and is performing for the residences at the Masonic home in November. I'm trying to decide if we're going to do year round cheer with an All-Star team. Competitions are in Syracuse, Rochester and Albany, and possibly, Hersey, PA. But I'm not sure yet if the younger girls go to PA. It's a big commitment, so I really need to think it through.
Have a wonderful weekend!

(October 21st, 2010)
Temps are cooling down and they say we're in for snow tonight. Yes... snow! I know. Isn't that crazy, this early?! Went shopping for warmer clothes this week, so I think we're set for a while. Madison says kids are wearing warmer jackets to school, so she wore hers today. In California, she'd just wear a sweat-jacket 'cause there's really no need for a heavy coat. And Jordan usually went with long-sleeves or a sweatshirt all the winter, but that definitely won't fly here!
I have nine sets in my Etsy Shop today, and all with FREE shipping. A couple of new things.... The 'Let it Snow' snowmen are new. They were inspired by wrapping paper of all things. You know the fund raisers the kids do for school that sell the wrapping paper? Well, that's where that idea came from. Just too cute. And one of my fav's is 'Envy' I absolutely love green, it's my favorite color. Thanks for peeking! :)
Well, I better get... the troops are hungry. Have a great one!

(October 15th, 2010)
Hello, and happy Friday!  Okay... it's turkey time! 'Gobble, Gobble' and the whole shebang; a cupcake, pumpkin, scarecrow, candy corn, turkey and corn on the cob is up in my Facebook Shop. Let's not forget about the ham. Now what's Thanksgiving without a ham?! And for dessert a yummy cupcake. Oh and I'm offering a 10% discount to all my Facebook fans. Just be sure you're a fan before you make your purchase. Thank you so much for your support! :) 
Weekend plans...  Nothing. Not one thing. No practice. No game. I know isn't that surprising? We're such a busy bunch. But I'm sure we'll find something to-do, even if, it's grocery shopping. Hey! That's what I really need to-do. Note to self: Stay away from the hundred dollar club!
Have a wonderful weekend! 
 (October 14th, 2010)
Hello just one more day and it's Friday. Yay! I posted the 'Wicked' Sliders and a new set... 'Hello Kitty' to my facebook shop. It's new and, boy, was it easy to load. Easier than Etsy.  Come on by and take a peek! :)
In a whimsical bead makin' mood this week, which I haven't been in a long time. I'll have two fun and whimsical sets tomorrow. See ya!

(October 12th, 2010)
Spent the morning going through my bead portfolio back to 2004. Talk about a going back in time. I have come a long way!
Saturday afternoon we rode the scenic chair lift at Mc Cauley Mountain. The weekend before the foliage was at it's peek so we missed it, but an incredible view just the same. It was little on the chilly side and the wind made it really cold on the way down. Brrrr!
The way up

Jordan and Dad going up

Look at that view!

Maddy and Me at the top (love this pic)
Hey Autumn! I'm wearing your earrings :)

Saturday night we went on a hay ride to a corn maze. My camera batteries died, so I couldn't take pictures. Waaaaa! :( We went at night with flash lights and a map in our hands finding our way through. So many people talking, giggling and screaming. Boy, did we have fun!
I worked on an order this morning and one new slider set. I figured out how to add a facebook shop so I'm going to try a sale there tomorrow to see how it works. Be sure you're a subscriber, so you don't miss out. It's pretty WiCkEd :)
(October 8th, 2010)
Woo Hoo... happy friday everyone! I have several new things to share with you today. First 'rock star' a larger black & white set with a punch of turquoise that is so darn cute. It's been a long time since I've offered a larger set, so I hope you like it. Then I have 'mix matched' those are so fun to bead with, and finally, 6 sets of slider beads. Woo hoo! It's been a great week. Thanks for peeking!
Going out to dinner with my in-laws tonight at the Fire Department Fish Fry. Oh man, we went last friday and we were dying to go again right as we were walking out the Yes. It was that good! So, we invited them to come with us this time. It's going to be fun. Madison has practice tomorrow and a game on Sunday. Another busy weekend. Love it!
Have a wonderful weekend!

(October 1st, 2010) Happy October :)))
Goodness... what's wrong with me?! It's been grey skies and rainy for past 2 days and I beginning to think the weather's got me down. I don't feel like doing a darn thing, and that's so not like me! Man, what's going to happen when winter rolls around? I just may go into
Madison has Tri-Valley Cheer Competition tomorrow so the whole team is going to the coaches' house tonight to have their hair rolled. Curlers, hairspray, pizza and a movie. Sounds like so much fun, doesn't it? Ah, to be a little girl again. Sunday she has a game, just hope it doesn't rain. I think the weather reports look clear for Sunday. But they've had to endure rain 3 out of the 5 games they've cheered, so the odds are stacked against them.
I have plans for new beads next week, just need to get out of this funky mood.
Have a fabulous weekend!

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