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(December 31,2010)
Woo hoo... Happy New Year's Eve! Do you have anything special planned for tonight? We'll be home watching movies, and then watch the ball drop. Jordan and Madison love staying up to watch it with us. They think it's so much fun to hang in there til midnight, and we do too. *<(:)
Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011, and I'll see you next year! Boy, how I love saying that...LOL

(December 30,2010)
Four new sets are up today... Be mine, Chocolate Treats, Hearts, Yummy Cupcakes, and boy, are they the yummiest! I really had fun making them and I hope you love them, too. Always remember... that if there's anything you need, bead wise, please don't hesitate to ask. I never say no. :)
That's it for today. I'm off to make a bracelet and to-do my packaging.
Have a terrific Thursday!

(December 29, 2010)
Oh, my, goodness... I've had my site decorated for the holidays for so long, that I didn't remember what it looked like before....LOL Well, it's back to normal now, and lookin' good! :)
So how was your holiday? Mine was absolutely wonderful. I have to admit, though, my pants are tight. Guess I didn't do so good about staying out of the 'treats' we made after-all. Now that'll teach me. I'm so happy New Year's is this weekend. Why? So I can start my diet. I do great when I start fresh at the beginning of the year. Toward the end of the year... not so good. But then again, who is good during the holidays. No one I know. Ha ha!
Diving right in with Valentine's Day with today's debut of 'My Valentine' and have four more sets cooling in the kiln for tomorrow. Hearts, cupcakes and chocolates. Yummy! And you know what the best thing about them is?... they're calorie free. Yay! ;)
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

(December 22, 2010)
Happy Wednesday everybody! Are you done or just about done with your Christmas shopping? I finished last Friday, but I've been thinking about picking up another thing or two. Does that happened to you too? When you think you're done, but you're not? I really should tell myself 'Okay, you're done. Done, done!'  Well, that's a lot of done-s, isn't it?!
I have 18 new Pandora beads on a cord from the island of misfit beads. They're cold and lonely, so won't you please give them a home?! Just $9.00 and the 20" neck cord is my gift to you. Happy Holidays! :)
Hmmm, what other beads are new? Mickey Parts, Snowflake, Let it Snow sliders, Snow Bunny and an animal print Pandora. Wow, it's been a great week and we're only half way through. Did you see 'Polar Express' in pink & orange on Facebook today? Oh my, isn't it so cute?! I have a snowman set coming up tomorrow in those same colors. Can you say, Yum-O?!
Hubby baked snowball cookies this morning, and we're making chocolate fudge and chocolate turtles tonight. Last weekend we made peanut brittle, oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate covered coconut balls. Hold on, I'm not done... and tomorrow he's baking Cheesecake. Don't know how we ended up doing so much. I just got out the cookbook and started pulling recipes. I'll tell ya what, though... I'll be happy once it goes to family, neighbors and friends, because otherwise you'd have to roll me into the new year...LOL
Enjoy the rest of your week!

(December 17, 2010)
Okay, I saved the cutest set for last. Are you ready? On the Twelfth day of Christmas, My true love gave to me: Let It Snow! ..... falalalalalalalala ..... Thank you all so much for joining in with me. I had so much fun doing The Twelve Days of Christmas! :) Oh, and this little cutie has an earring pair to match. :)
Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be baking mine away. Cookies, fudge and chocolate turtles... OH MY!

(December 16, 2010)
Here we go!.... On the eleventh day of Christmas, My true love gave to me: Snowballs & Snowflakes ..... falalalalalalalala ..... Thanks for checking in!
Tomorrow's the last day and, boy, do I have something super-cute waiting for you. See ya tomorrow! :)

(December 15, 2010)
Are you ready?... Come on, sing with me! On the tenth day of Christmas, My true love gave to me: Beautiful Little Rose Buds ..... falalalalalalalala ..... Thanks for stopping by!
Went Christmas shopping this morning, because Toys R Us was having a 50% off sale and would you believe it was on the toys the kids wanted. Now how often does that happen?! I am so happy and almost finished, just a couple more things and that's it. Whew! It's exhausting, isn't it?!!!
Have a great day! 

(December 14, 2010)
Okay... let me hear you sing it! On the ninth day of Christmas, My true love gave to me: Mistletoe Sliders ..... falalalalalalalala ..... Thanks for checking in today. Boy, am I having fun! :)
It was a down right chilly this morning back into the teens. When I see that it's only 13 degrees outside, I am ever more thankful that I work from home. Don't think I could handle going out in it everyday, and seeing it's my first year back on the east coast in 7 years it may take some getting used to. Not that I ever got used to it before, mind you. This time, I am really trying. Brrrr! Just have to keep telling myself- 'Spring will be here before you know it!'
Keep warm and I'll see you tomorrow.

(December 13, 2010)
I'm ready if you are. Come on, sing with me! On the eight day of Christmas, My true love gave to me: Sugar Plum ..... falalalalalalalala ..... 
Thanks for joining in on the fun! :)

Happy Monday everybody! We had such a wonderful weekend. Hope you did, too. Tree trimming at his parents house was a lot of fun. The kiddies spent the night, so we went out on a date. Gosh, it was really, really nice, a bite and some drinks. A night where you felt like adults and not 'mom & dad', you know what I mean? Loved it!
Yesterday it rained most of the day so the snow is pretty much gone. I can see our green grass again. Yay! But I shouldn't get too excited, because we're in for a cold snap with more snow on the way. Not that I don't like snow, I do, just not the me freezing my buns off part. :lol:
Well, I've gotta get to work. See you later with the 8th day of Christmas. :)

(December 12th, 2010)
Happy Sunday :) Are you ready?!  On the seventh day of Christmas, My true love gave to me: Beadin' Happy! ..... falalalalalalalala ..... Thank you so much for checking in. :)

(December 11th, 2010)
Okay... sing it with me! On the sixth day of Christmas, My true love gave to me: Wild Thing! ..... falalalalalalalala ..... Thank for stopping by!

(December 10th, 2010)
Woo Hoo... Happy Friday everyone! Let's sing it together.... On the fifth day of Christmas, My true love gave to me: On Safari! ..... falalalalalalalala ..... Thanks for joining in on the fun. :)
Weekend plans... Jordan has a basketball game tomorrow and then we're going up to my in-laws for a tree trimming party. This year we're all going together-  my in-laws, us and my brother-in-laws family to pick out our Christmas trees. Doesn't that sound like a lot of fun? Now if I could only figure out how to get them all over here to help us with ours. Hmmmm... an offering of food may have to be involved. No problem! :lol: So what are you up to this weekend?
See you tomorrow with day 6! :)

(December 9th, 2010)
Boy, I worked really hard today by finishing 4 days of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Yahoo! I love it when I'm ahead of the game.
It is so freezing outside. Does anyone want to take a guess at how cold it is?.... It's 19 degrees at 5 o'clock. Brrrr! Too damn cold for me, that's for sure!
Okay... enough blabber 'cause I know what you're here for...
Sing it with me! On the fourth day of Christmas, My true love gave to me: Me Love Doggies Pandora... falalalalallalalala... Now this was so cute that I couldn't make just one. Oh, no, I made two. The other one is under 'beads for sale' and it's white. Can you say, adorable?!
Thanks for the fun and I'll see you tomorrow!

(December 8th, 2010)
On the third day of Christmas, My true love gave to me: Polar Express... falalalalal, lalalala... 
Polar Express is a set I make every year. Not only because it's one of my favorite movies to watch during the holidays, but who doesn't love polar bears?! Well, this little guy is ready for the cold all bundled up in his adorable winter scarf. Just too cute! :) Oh, and I have a matching set of earring pairs here-Snowflakes.
Thanks for checking in today!

(December 7th, 2010)
On the second day of Christmas, My true love gave to me: Peppermint Candy earrings... falalalalal, lalalala... Thanks for checking in with me. :)
See you tomorrow!

(December 6th, 2010)
Hello :) Are you ready???!!! It's The Twelve Days of Christmas! Oh, boy, aren't you excited?! Remember when I did this last year, and we had so much fun? Well, as promised, I'm doing it again this year. Wooohoooo! So, this is how it's works: For the next twelve days I'm offering something new everyday right here on my site. I will post them at random times during the day (no email, just a note on facebook) so it's up to you to check in with me to see what's next. So here we go!... On the first day of Christmas, My true love gave to me: An adorable little Gingy... falalalalal, lalalala... Thanks for joining in on the fun! :)
So many anniversary wishes. Thanks guys! Dwayne and I had a wonderful time. Dinner, then out with friends for drinks and live music. What a fantastic night. It really was!
Oh, and if you didn't see the picture of my car on facebook, you should check it out! It's been snowing lightly for 3 days now. We got a couple of inches accumulating, with a couple more on the way. Pretty soon it'll be time to break out those sleds. Oh, ya! That's right! :)
See you tomorrow! falalalalal, lalalala..............

(December 3rd, 2010)
Today is my 27th wedding anniversary. Wow, I truly can't believe it! Look at us. That seems so long ago now, but the years really have flown by. Three beautiful children, and what already feels like a lifetime of memories. Boy, the things we've done. It's been a great ride and I wouldn't change a thing (well, maybe a couple things) I love him even more today than I ever have before. He's my rock. My best friend.
Okay... enough sappy stuff. How are you all doing? Aren't you happy it's Friday?! Woooohooooo! As promised, I have the two brand new sets: Boston (looks just like mine :) and 'Tis the Season. I also have a couple bracelets and earrings for you today as well with your gift-giving in mind; stocking stuffers. Thanks for peeking!
Weekends plans... tonight we're going out to dinner for our anniversary, and on Sunday we're going to the Cheer leading Banquet, where Madison will receive her trophy. That's about it. Oh, and maybe do some Christmas shopping. I've only picked up a few things, so I better get crackin'!
Have an awesome weekend

(December 2nd, 2010)
All new items in my Etsy shop. Come on by and take a look! See you tomorrow with 2 more new sets. :)

(December 1st, 2010)
The new set is up in my facebook shop. Thought I'd try it there 'cause it's been a while since I've posted something over there. The new free beads are up, too. I totally spaced it last week with the holiday and all. So Sorry about that. No one said a word about not doing it. You're all so sweet for hanging in there. Thank you! :)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

The Twelve Days of Christmas!

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