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March 30, 2011
Wow! It's been a really long day. I worked a hard, 10 hours to get caught up. My kiln breaking down last week set me back a few days. I really appreciate you waiting patiently for your order. Thank you!
I'm pooped so off to bed I go. Nighty night!

March 29, 2011
You know. Jordan takes a shower everyday before school, so for the life of me I couldn't figure out why his hair was so darn greasy. First I thought he wasn't washing it very well. You know how kids can be. They do things in a rush and don't do a very good job. So I went over washing your hair again with him and how to use your fingertips to really get down in there. And I told him to make sure you rinse it out real good. So forward to last night when Madison was in the bath when I overheard Jordan tell her to use the purple shampoo. What purple shampoo? I thought, so I asked him and he said, "The one that smells really nice!" Well, come to find out he's been using my Olay Luscious Embrace with jojoba butter and crushed orchid extract body wash. AH-Ha! No wonder your hair is such a mess, I told him, it's meant for your skin not your hair, silly. The funny things that kids do! :lol:
Have I told you lately how thankful I am? I'm thankful for YOU my friends and customers who visit me here on my site. I am so thankful I get to do what I love, make beads. Without you none of this would be possible. So for that I THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart.

March 28, 2011
Man, it's taking me forever to get things done today. My computer is running so slow and I'm about to pull my hair out! I have a feeling I may have too many pictures loaded onto it. Been thinking about getting a separate storage device and move them over. But oh, I don't know.... it is 8 years old. It might be time to upgrade.

March 25, 2011
I have some exciting news... Jordan is on a baseball team. Not the school's team, but the city team through the park & recreation. Sign ups were in February, but we didn't sign him up because he was certain he'd make the one at school. Plus, it would of been too difficult to juggle both. So last week we took a chance and called the couch to see if there was still room. Come to find out he knew who Jordan was. He'd seen him play basketball and knew he was a good athlete. But because the coaches had already picked their players and teams a month ago, he didn't know for sure if they even had a spot for him. So after waiting 2 days for a call back, he finally did Wednesday, and said "I spoke to the other coaches and he's on. Not sure who's team yet, but we want him." Woo hoo! We signed him up yesterday. Now we're just waiting to hear when practices are. Jordan is so very excited. He absolutely loves baseball.
TGIF! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

March 24, 2011
Heard a knock at the door around 4:30 yesterday. Does anyone want to guess who it was?... It was the UPS man. Yep, that's right and a day early! From CA to NY in 48 hours. Now how's that for service? Thank you so much Arrow Springs! Hubby installed the coil first thing this morning so I'm ready to rock 'n' roll. Woohoooooo!!! :)
March 23, 2011
I had the best time yesterday. I went to work, came home, made dinner and sat down and relaxed for the night. When I'm here at home it's hard for me to separate the two. When you leave the house to go to work, it's completely different. I don't really have set working hours, so things for me get mixed together. I've never been good about keeping myself on a schedule. I think I should, though, it would be good for me.
I said goodbye to Artzee. I know that site was making everyone crazy so I decided to join Designer Jewelry & Bead Makers Top 100. That will make quite a few people happy not having to go to Artzee anymore. :) The new freebie is up and it's an adorable earring set. Check it out! :) 

March 22, 2011
Woo hoo! I'm on my way to my mother-in-law's studio to make beads today. The part for my kiln shipped yesterday so it should be here Thursday. Yay! :) Got everything I need packed... hand tools, glass and presses so off I go!
Have a terrific Tuesday!

March 21, 2011
What the heck! Woke up to a winter wonderland, and I want to know who's responsible? Man, I totally thought we were in the clear, sliding down hill, right into spring. But, boy, was I wrong! So tell me who did this, so I can go kick some butt. How dare they do this to
I'm off to-do some grocery shopping, while battling some huge winter, or should I say spring, flakes.

March 20, 2011
My kiln died. :( We're positive it's the heating element so I need to call Arrow Springs tomorrow and order the coil. I've had it for 6 years with never any problems so I really can't complain. It's just a bummer being out of commission till the part arrives.
On a brighter note... It's a beautiful sunny day. The current temperature is 48. The snow is melting. The geese are returning, birds are chirping and the wood peckers are pecking in the trees. Happy Spring! :)

March 19, 2011
Woke up feeling a bit under the weather this morning, so I stayed in bed and watched a movie, Letters to Juliet was very romantic and made both Dwayne and I cry. We're such Just took some Aleve and am now at the torch working on orders. Boy, you guys are really keeping me busy. I love it. Thank you! :) 

March 18, 2011
So what do you think? I'm all done changing my site over to it's new template. Right in the middle of switching it I had to leave for a hair appointment, but now I'm back and looking as beautiful as ever. Ha! Don't you feel that way too after getting your hair done. Oh it's so great, isn't it?! :)
The new beads are up and boy I have a bunch. A lot of new designs too; peeps, snails, a gnome and whimsical chicks, plus many more. Go on, take peek!
I'm currently working on items for my new 'Bead Shoppe' that will feature made to order beads for all seasons. Look forward to those coming soon.
Jordan is so bummed. He didn't make the baseball team. He really, really wanted to be on it. But the competition was very tough. 46 kids tried out, only 16 spots. He's been moping around and I feel so sad for him. I know I shouldn't because disappointment is part of life, but that's what us moms do.
Have a wonderful weekend. We're headed up to my in-laws for supper. Shrimp and rice. Yum!
(March 16, 2011)
Happy Wednesday everyone! Are you having a great week? I sure am. I'm getting a lot done. Yay! :) My website is due to go through some changes this week. Got tired of it's current look, so I'm getting a new one. I love to shake things up. :) Friday it may look a little funny till I get the bugs worked out. Oh, boy, I can't wait... it's going to be so darn cute!

Have a very Happy St. Patty's Day!

(March 14, 2011) 

All right! Daylight savings time has begun and spring is just 6 days away. Woo-wee! Not that winter in Central, NY will *poof* be gone come the 20th. But it just may be the pick me up I needed to get me through the rest of it. I love, love this time of year.
The kiddies had a lot of fun at their aunt's house this weekend. They made taco pizza, baked and decorated cupcakes and played games with their cousins. Now they can't wait to-do it again. They live 25 minutes away from us and across the street from grandma & grandpa. Wish we lived there, too, but weren't able to find a place. We are going to try to move up there this summer, that's the plan anyway.
Dwayne and I went to a St. Patty's Day party from 3pm to 6pm on Saturday and had planned to go to another Patty party and see a band play later that night, but we were just too tired to go out again. Guess that means we can no longer hang with the big
I'm so excited to show you the new beads I have planned for Friday. Several new designs... Woo Hoo!!! You'll be so surprised. :)
Have a marvelous week!

(March 11, 2011)
Woo Hoo... Happy Friday! :) I'm so excited. Why? Because I can see my grass again. Yahoo! All it took was a little rain to wash some of the snow away for me to see it. Ha! Never thought I'd be this happy about it raining.
Lots and lots of Easter/Springtime beads today. Easter eggs, bunnies, birdies and the sliders I was telling you about. I have a feeling they'll be very popular so I'm happily taking orders. Thanks for peeking!
Been thinking about adding a 'bead catalog' to my website for quite some time now. I've decided to work on it next week, so look forward to seeing some neat new beads from me next Friday.
Weekend plans... Tomorrow we're going to a St. Patty's Day parade. And tomorrow night the kids are sleeping over at their aunt's house, so Dwayne and I are going out on a date. Ah, it's going to be so nice! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!

(March 9, 2011) 
Hey! I just realized that we're Springing forward this weekend. Yahoo! Now how's that for good news? It just made my day a lot brighter. How about some Easter/Springtime sliders? I'm off to make some. :)

(March 8, 2011)
Did you see the pictures I posted on facebook yesterday? Man, we got dumped on by about 2 feet of snow. My car was so covered by the fluffy white stuff that I couldn't even see it. Thank God we have such great neighbors, who let Dwayne use their snow blower, otherwise, he might still be out there shoveling. Just hope that's the last of our big snow storms for the winter 'cause I'm so ready for Spring. Bet you are too?
Been working on orders and have plans for new beads this week. Not sure what yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something. :)
Have a great week! 

(March 3, 2011)
Tomorrow is Madison's 2nd grade Princess Ball at school, and she's so excited about it. We got her a new dress, it's an aqua, short mermaid style dress with glitter all over it. We're really not much into glitter clothing, because it gets all over the place, but it fit her perfectly and she looks absolutely adorable in it. We're putting her hair up in curlers tonight so she'll have nice pretty ringlets. Oh, and we got her silver sandals, too. They have a jewel on the toe and are darn cute. Oh, boy, I can't wait to get her all dressed up. I'll take pictures, K.
New beads are up. Bunnies, carrots and a chick with springtime colored accent beads to match. Just what the doctor ordered to chase away those winter blues. I also made my first mushroom (a blue one coming tomorrow) which was inspired by 'Gnomeo and Juliet'. Have you seen it? It's really cute.
More beads coming tomorrow. They're cooling now. :)

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