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July 27, 2011

Went to the wholesale club today and did some grocery shopping. Lucky, I was able to escape without breaking the bank. You know how hard that is to-do?! Man, you really can spend a couple hundred bucks without even realizing it. Then you're in shock at the checkout line. You know what I mean? Yikes!
The weather has cooled a bit. It got pretty hot & humid last week with temps reaching the high 90's. This week it's 80-ish and thunder storms. They are pretty neat, actually. Never really got to enjoy those back home in Cali, where it rarely rained. So this is a whole new experience for us. Pouring rain, lightning and thunder, it can be really exciting. Oh, and especially the electrical storms; lightning above the clouds. Now those are so cool!
'Summer Brights' is new today. I just love those. Such fun colors and playful shapes to work with. Thanks for peeking!
Enjoy the rest of you week :)

July 22, 2011
A woo and a wee. Oh, yeah... it's Friday, baby! It's been a great week. We have 2 birthdays this week. Jordan turned 13 yesterday. We took him ice skating (what fun!) and had a lovely dinner with grandma & grandpa. Maddy baked him a cake. Chocolate bunt with German Chocolate icing, and, boy, was it yummy! Dwayne's birthday is today and we're going to Albany to see a concert with friends. Woo Hoo! It's going to be a blast!
New today... 2 tide pool focals in aqua and blue, and cased twists. Love, love those! Plus, I am so ready for Christmas in July! I do it every year and have so much fun with them. I absolutely love designing for the holidays. If you see something you want from my gallery that I didn't include, go ahead and ask me for it. I'm always happy to take special requests. Thank you so much for supporting my work! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!

July 20, 2011
We're back from CT where we spent 4 wonderfully relaxing days just steps from the ocean. Walks on the beach, swimming and collecting sea shells. And best of all, spending real quality time with my family. Love, love. Went grocery shopping this morning to restock my cupboards from the 3 extra kiddies we had here for 2 weeks, and now I'm ready to get back to working on beads. Have a few orders to work on today, and, hopefully, will be able to have something new by Friday. :)
Have a great week!

July 13, 2011
I found the disc that has my photo editing program on it. Yay! Got it loaded and was able to finally change the beads for the free beads drawing. Thank you for being so very patient. :)
Going to see Transformers 3 and Zookeeper at the drive-in tonight. We took Vic last week and saw Cars 2 with Pirates 4. There's a lot of sequels this Summer, isn't there? So now that her brothers are here, we have to take them, too, of course. They've never been to a drive-in. They're not too many of them around anymore. I loved going as a kid and now enjoy taking my kids. Plus, it's only $7.50 for adults and $3.50 for kids, a great deal and a double feature. Love it!

July 12, 2011
Hello :) What a fabulous weekend! My sis-in-law was here with her hubby. They spent the night Saturday and we hung out, talked a lot and had a bbq. She's home now in CT, took Vic back with her and left her sons, Kenny & Nick to spend this week with us. They went to the pool yesterday and now they're playing Wii quietly. Love it! But when they start to yell and curse at the TV, it'll be time to cut them off. :LOL:
New sea turtles posted on Etsy today in lavender, aqua and pink. I also have two new sets: aqua & green and lavender & blue, and two earrings, too. Thanks for peeking! :)
Have a wonderful day!

July 8, 2011
Woo Wee! Happy Friday :) Worked on orders today and a couple new things, too. Just posted 3 Sea Turtle pendants and a Pandora trio on Facebook and will have more beach themed beads for tomorrow. Email if you see something you like. Thank you!
Our All-Stars took another loss last night 10 - 1, and the boys are devastated. It's their 2nd loss with 1 game left. They won their first game, but then lost the 2nd & 3rd so at this point they will not advance. They will either place 3rd or 4th, it just depends on Saturday's game. So keep cheering for them... GO NU!
My kiddies are at the pool. I'm just finishing up my day here. My sister-in-law is driving up from CT tomorrow and will stay the night. We plan on going to the lake Sunday. Another day of fun in the sun. LOVE. What are your plans?
Have a wonderful weekend!

July 7, 2011
Hey! I just figured out how to forward emails. Sometimes the most simplest things seem so difficult until you figure them out. And for me, it's computer stuff. I'm working from my laptop now, which Dwayne kind of took over because I like using my PC better so it feels weird working from this little thing. I have access to all my emails now. Yippee!
Haven't figured out how to edit photos from my laptop yet. That's why I posted sales on Facebook yesterday because I can't re-size them to fit the aspects of my website. I hope to figure that out soon, too. Hopefully, computer guy- a dear friend, will come by this week. Keeping fingers crossed XX
Saw Cars 2 at the Drive-In last night. We liked it. Very cute. I could of done without the mosquitoes, though. They're awful here, it's wet & humid. Nothing like Cali, where it's so dry and hot you rarely see one. Here? They eat me alive. Yep, I'm fresh meat and I think they know it! :LOL:
Have a great day!

July 6, 2011
Back from CT. Had a wonderful time. Spent the holiday with my sister-in-law and family just steps from the beach, across from Long Island Sound. Boy, what I'd give to live near the beach. What heaven that would be for me! Came home with a visitor my niece, Victoria. She's spending the week here with us. Mom will be here Saturday to pick her up and leave her brother, Nick, for his turn and take Maddy back to CT to spend a week at their place. Then the following week, we'll go back to CT drop him off and pick up Maddy and spend the weekend with them again. What fun, especially for the kiddies.
2 new sets today... an adorable piggy and a strawberry set up in my Facebook Shop. Still having technical difficulties with my PC. Computer guy is coming to check it out this week. I have no access to emails at kris@krissybeads.comso if you need to reach me, please do so through Facebook. Thank you! :)

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