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August 29, 2011

What a busy couple days! My sis-in-law and family were evacuated from CT so they came here to wait out the storm. They heard from their neighbor that their house is okay, but the basement is flooded. They live just a block from the shore, across from Long Island Sound and have been through a couple bad storms and hurricanes before so they expected to find atleast 3 feet of water in the basement. They are on their way back now and have already been divererted around Albany where there's massive flooding. Just got off the phone with them and what would of taken an hour to get to, has taken 2. They were going to wait till Wednesday, but the weather was so nice today, they decided to head home and are now stuck in heavy traffic. Keeping fingers crossed that they can get through the flooded areas and make it home, and not have to turn around and come back. What an awful experience that would be!
Two new fun Halloween sets and an earring pair today. Thanks for peeking!
Have a lovely day!

August 24, 2011
Hello :) Did you feel the earthquake on the east coast yesterday or hear about it on the news? Well, I sure felt it! The funny thing is... at first, I thought it was a ghost shaking my chair. I got up, looked around my studio and didn't see a thing, and for a minute there, 'earthquake' did enter my mind but shrugged that off remembering I'm in Central NY now, not California. It wasn't until I read on Facebook, it was an earthquake. Phew! I was so relieved it wasn't a ghost. My studio is in the basement so I do get a little spooked from time to
Two new puppy sets today, Fire Pup and Pugsley my first pug. What'cha think... isn't he cute?! Thanks for peeking!
Enjoy the rest of your week!

August  19, 2011
Woo Hoo Happy Friday! It's been a great week and I got a lot done. New yesterday (if you didn't already notice :) was Olives and the Olivine set. Did you see how real the Olives look? They look so incredibly real and together with the Olivine set, they'd make fun 'Martini' jewelry. Don't you think so too? Very fun! Thanks for peeking :)
Remember we heard through the grapevine, that due to school budget cuts, there was no modified football this year? Well... we got a letter in the mail yesterday saying there is and tryouts begin next week. Yay! Jordan wants to play 8th grade football so bad and was very excited to hear the news. He lives for playing sports and has been bored out of his mind since baseball ended. He's the kind of kid who loves to practice and play, every day if he could, and never get tired of it. Madison on the other hand would much rather play with her friends right now than go to cheerleading practice. Swimming at friend's houses and riding her bike is much more fun to her right now. Don't blame her, really. I'm trying to teach her she has an obligation to her team. She's learning,
Weekend plans... just hanging around the house, and cookouts. Sounds like a wonderful plan!
Have a lovely weekend!

August 12, 2011
The candy has hit the shelves so now it's time to get designing, designing for my favorite holiday, Halloween! Three brand new sets today- Jack Skelly, The Mummy and Ghostly Treat. I also have a bat who's supposed to be spooky, but I'm finding him to be just the
Have a wonderful weekend!

August 10, 2011
The kitty beads are now up and I have to say... they turned out so cute. I love them! And the mouse and birdies are adorable as well. Thanks for peeking! :)
Enjoy the rest of your week!

August 9, 2011
How are you today? I'm doing great, and having so much fun with puppy beads that I have 5 more for you today. Hey! I was thinking about making kitties next. Would you like to see some of those? I'll get to work on them today and have 'em tomorrow or Thursday. How does that sound?
The weather has cooled, a bit rainy, which I don't mind. It's been pretty hot & humid lately, so cooler weather is a welcome sign of fresh air. Just hope it doesn't rain too much, otherwise, cheer practice will be cancelled.
See you tomorrow... Meow! :)


August 4, 2011
Boy, have I been busy! Cheer leading practice began Monday for Madison. She had fun cheering last year, and wanted to do it again this year. Oh, we heard through the grapevine that due to school budget cuts there will no longer be a JR High football program. That just stinks, big time! Jordan was really looking forward to being on the 8th grade team this year. So instead of football, he decided he wants to play hockey again. It's been a long time since he's been on the ice so for his birthday we took him ice skating. And you know what?! He skated really good... hockey stops and everything! I guess it's just like riding a bike... once you know how, you will always remember. I'm kind of excited about seeing him play again. It's been like 3 or 4 year since he's played. Wow! Time sure does fly!
I'm happy to report... I'm all caught up on the Christmas orders. The last ones went out today. Yay! I had time to make new beads yesterday so today
I have something new... Three adorable doggie sets: Dotty, Max and Wendy. Plus, a sweet little dachshund named, Duke. I also have a woolly 'Lil Lamb' set that's just too cute. Thanks for peeking!
Have a terrific day :)

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