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November 11 archives

November 11, 2011
Oh, my, goodness... It's snowing! My kiddies are so excited and are hoping it sticks so they can go out and play in it. I really doubt it, though, because the ground is still too warm. It was nearly 70 degrees Wednesday. What a difference a few days make, here in the North East. Brrr!
Never got around to making anything new this week. Had planned to but never got motivated. You know how that goes...
Nothing special planned for the weekend. Jordan and a friend are going to a hockey game tonight. Madison is having a friend for a sleepover, and I'm going to rent some movies for them. We'll pop some popcorn, sit back and relax. Now that sounds like a plan!
Have a wonderful weekend!

November 7, 2011
I am becoming obsessed with coupon shopping after watching TLC's show, Extreme Couponing. Not that 'I'm' going to that extreme, I hope. Ha!, but it's really addictive! So, I have to tell you about last weeks grocery shopping... My total was $214 and after scanning my store's loyalty card, plus coupons it brought my total down to $99. Oh, yeah! That's right. I saved $115. bucks! I'm so proud of myself and Dwayne is, too. Happy dance!!! :)
Football season is over. Jordan was a lot of fun to watch on the field. Great plays and spectacular tackles. So we're on to Basketball now. Tryouts are today. Jordan is there right now actually. He made the team last year, so I don't have any doubts he won't make it again this year, but one never knows, so I'm still keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Go Jordan!!!
Completed the last of my orders just a bit ago. Yay! Look forward to something new this week.
Have a marvelous Monday!

November 3, 2011
Boy, we're sliding right into the holidays, now aren't we?! Halloween is over and soon Thanksgiving will be, too. Will you be ready for Christmas? Me? I never seem to It's 51 days away. Yes. I just counted. Can you believe it? This year is flying by!
Been super busy working on orders. I think one more day will do it, then I'll be through. Yay! :)
Just did the Free beads drawing, thanks for being patient, and the winner is Bea R. from TX. Woo Hoo! She won the adorable Snow Angel. The new freebie is up and it's a sweet pair of pumpkins. Good luck everyone. Thank you so much for voting!

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