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January 31, 2012
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I had fun with this one. If you purchase it today, you get $5.00 off. Use coupon code TAKE5. :)
Oh, my goodness... how cute are these?! Football earrings. 2 pairs ready to ship. Purchase today, they'll go out today. :)

January 30, 2012
Happy Monday! :)
The view from my studio window this morning. As much as I complain about snow, it sure is pretty!
We saw We bought a Zoo. Oh, man, was it good. A real tear jerker. Dwayne and I turned and looked at each other several times during the movie and we were both balling our eye's
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January 20, 2012
Woo Hoo! TGIF! It's pizza night, then the boys are off to a hockey game. The girls, Maddy and her friend, Sissy, will hang with me and do I don't know what yet. Play cards maybe. Game night's are fun.
Rented movies last weekend, Rise of the Planet of Apes, it was ok. And The Hangover part 2. I really didn't think they could pull off another one, but it was hilarious! Any recommendations? I'd like to rent a couple more. It's too darn cold to go outdoors. Brrrr!
Have a awesome weekend! <3
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A Mod Tab pendant that matches the bracelet posted yesterday. Created using Vintaj findings. I <3 the dragonfly!
A token of love for your Valentine, little red heart earrings and matching pendant.

January 19, 2012
I made a bracelet today with Vintaj findings and Mother of Pearl. And it's for sale too! :)

I've been a busy girl updating my Bead Shoppeand am offering you $5.00 off your next Krissy Beads purchase of $25.00 or more. Use coupon code TAKE5. There are new categories too... Valentine's Day, St. Patty's Day, Easter and my very own Pet Shoppe. Take a look around. I do hope you find something you <3. Thank you so much for your support!

January 18, 2012
Jordan is outside shoveling the driveway and I didn't even ask. So proud. What a great kid!
Having fun with wine glass charms. These are done in a beach theme and are so tiny, smaller than a dime. They're the new freebie! :)

A storm came through last night and this is what we woke up to, about 5 inches. Can you s
ee the tire tracks in the street past the postman's footprints? Yep! That's the road. No plow yet at 11:48. We're in a winter wonderland. Kids were hoping for a snow day, but no such luck.

January 17, 2012
Happy Tuesday! Boy, has it been cold. Jordan spent 2 days up north this weekend snowmobiling with friends. And when he got home yesterday, he said he didn't like it at all because he was freezing the whole time. He wasn't prepared for snowmobiling when he left here because they were only going sledding. But when they got to his friend's uncle's house he fired up the snowmobile. Exciting, right?! I'm sure if he goes again next time, he'll be better prepared. I'll make sure of it. Poor thing!
Busy working on wine charms today. Oh, my goodness... the new ones are so darn cute. Themed sets; beach, puppy dog and Valentine's Day. I'm having so much fun with them. Something new. I love it!
Have a great day!

January 13, 2012
Happy Friday, Friday the 13th that is! Are you superstitious? I'm not. But every time I say that, I can't help but watch my TGIF, guys. Can I get a Woo and a Hoo?! :)
A very productive week. Orders kept me so busy, and it's been great! Had time to sneak in a few new sets- Strawberry Garden and Garden Whimsy were new yesterday. Adorable and very Mary E-ish.
Hey! Did you check out my new wine glass charms? Aren't they the cutest?! They inspired the Mod tabs bead set. <3 'em so fun & funky!
Jordan is seeing a tutor now. His grades last marking period were in the toilet, so we had to-do something. Oh, boy, he was not happy about seeing a tutor 3 hours a week and on top of school his normal school work. But as it turns out, he really likes him and enjoys going. Yay! Praying his grades improve.
Weekend plans... it's snowing. Finally! The kids have been so patient this year with the lack of snow, so I'm sure they can't wait to get out and play in it. I think we'll rent movies. Not sure what we'll get yet. I need to take a peek at what Redbox has. I love getting movies from them, it's so easy and convenient because I'm always at the grocery store. I think we all are. Ha!
I'm beginning to load up my 'Bead Shoppe' with sets that you can order instantly. Oh, I do hope you love the one's I choose.
Have a wonderful weekend!

January9, 2012
Happy Monday, and what a gorgeous Monday it is! No snow, sunny and 40. Am I really in Central, NY? We're grillin outside tonight. Barbecue ribs and I'm making potato salad and baked beans. Mine are so much better than store bought. Yum! Totally a summer menu... I <3 it!
Made two new bunny sets today. They'll be up tomorrow. Oh, my goodness they're so darn cute! I'd like to make a couple more St. Patty sets this week as well. What would you like to see?
Have a marvelous day!

January 6, 2012
TGIF! And it's the first Friday of the New Year, too. Woo Hoo!
I have 5 new sets to share with you today. Valentine's Day, St. Patty's Day, Easter, Mouse and Buzz Bee. Oh, what fun! I also have a little New Year's gift for you... FREE shipping. Happy New Year everyone! :)
Tonight we're going to my girlfriends graduation party. She got her Bachelor's degree in Accounting right before Christmas, and now it's time to celebrate! I am so happy for her. She studied super hard, especially during finals. Way to go Suzanne! We're so proud of you!!!

Have a fun filled weekend!

January 5, 2012
Happy New Year! Boy, am I having trouble getting back into the swing of things. Are you finding it difficult, too? Goodness! I got so spoiled with all the days I took off during the holidays that I feel like I'm kicking and screaming my way back to I did manage to make several new sets today. They'll be available tomorrow. Yay!
Cooking grilled chicken for dinner tonight. Gotta get back on the wagon and watch what I eat. I kind of got carried away during the holiday's. All those treats and good eats. It's so hard isn't it? I lost 20lbs last year and plan to lose more this. I feel so great when I'm watching what I eat and exercising. I just need to get motivated again. That's the hard part.
Enjoy your day! :)

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