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April 27, 2012

We are off to Six Flags, New England for cheer competition. I'll take pictures. The kids are so excited. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

April 26, 2012
Happy Thursday! I'm taking Jordan to his doctor's appointment this afternoon. It's been about 6 weeks since he broke his pinky finger. And today, he'll find out if he can remove his splint. If so, he'll be so happy. :)
Anchors Away
And Seaway is what's new!
April 25, 2012
Jordan cracked open a 'brown' egg thinking it was a colored egg from Easter. You should of seen the look on his face when he realized it was raw. I just happened to buy 'brown' eggs this week, so he's never seen them before. Ha! Too funny.
Minnie mouse is what's new today. It's a magical set with 2 Minnie's and cupcake decorated with Mickey Mouse. Adorable!
I also have a Minnie Mouse hollow.
Thanks for checking in!

April 24, 2012
New today, Bahama Breeze. I love, love this color combination, aqua and green. Along with hot pink and orange (which I also have available) are my favorite summertime colors. <3

April 23, 2012
Jordan took his soccer certification training Saturday and is now a referee. He had a lot of fun reffing his first game yesterday, but was really nervous. He did such a great job. We're so proud!

When Madison pulled her jersey out of the bag and saw she got #1, she let out a squeal. Too cute! Her team played their first game yesterday. Maddy played goalie and center. They didn't win, but they sure had fun trying.

April 20, 2012
I had outpatient surgery yesterday for a uterine cyst. I am home today resting and feeling really good. I've been worried about my fibroid for months and making myself sick over needing surgery. I'm so glad that I did and it's been taken care of. Yay!
My shoulder is fine. The doctor said nothing to worry about there. Thank God because, I don't think I could handle another thing.
Something new today...
Monterey Bay - with nice chunky 9mm 'round' beads plus one of my hand-shaped gems. It's the 2nd from the left, white with teal flowers. Adorable!
It was inspired by this beautiful Soft Surroundings summer dress, Monterey. Don't you just love their clothes?! The dresses are so darn pretty.
Tomorrow Dwayne is taking me to the Wine & Chocolate Festival here in town. I don't know about you... but wine and chocolate are on 'My Favorite Things' list. :)
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

April 18, 2012
Hello :) New today is 'Classic', a black & white set with fun shapes and designs. The round beads are nice and chunky round, not a donut. Too cute!
Maddy had her first softball practice Monday and really likes it. She has one tonight, but can't go because she has cheer-leading. It's important that she doesn't miss as we're going to competition next weekend at Six Flags New England in Springfield Mass, it's going to be so much fun! :)

April 16, 2012
It's a beautiful sunny day in the high 70's. Back to school = Back to work for me. I completed a special order and a new black & white set today that's oh, so, cute! Will have it up for you tomorrow. :)

April 10, 2012
It's been about 4 weeks since Jordan broke his pinky finger and has been in a splint nearly needing surgery. But the doctor told us it's healing on it's own very nicely. Jordan has been worried sick he'd have to have surgery and now he's so relieved. Yay!
It's Spring Break. Trying my best to keep the kiddos busy. Wish me luck! :)

April 6, 2012
There's nothing like showing up for an x-ray and having a 4" needle stuck into your shoulder joint for a test. Yes, that was me this morning. In hindsight, I should of suspected something when they said 'contrast' would be used, but I didn't. I did say to Dwayne, "Maybe I should Google Arthrogram so I know what they're doing." But then I thought, it's just an xray! It was a little painful and am so glad I made it through with just local anesthetic.Whew! I injured myself recently and have 3 Titanium screws from my surgery 10 years ago, so they were checking on them. I'm hoping all is okay, but won't find out until my appt next week.
Have a very HOPPY EASTER! It's also Madison's birthday. She'll be 9. Wow! They grow up so fast!

April 4, 2012
Madison has soccer sign-ups tonight. She played last year and is really looking forward to playing again. Jordan is reffing soccer and will begin training next week. He's very excited. Along with Madison playing softball, too, it's going to be a very busy Spring!
A couple new things today...
Rose Triangle
Cranberry Roses
and a brand new category Wine Glass Charms
Have a great day!

April 3, 2012
Pandora style beads is what's new today...
Topaz Twist
Black Raku

Tiger Stripes
Thank you so much for stopping by!

April 2, 2012
Happy Monday! :) Went my niece's birthday party at the roller rink yesterday and had such a blast! I used to roller skate back in the day and have to say I was really, really good. It's been atleast 7 years now since I've skated, but you know what?! I haven't forgot... I skated fast, did spins and even went backwards. I've still got it and it felt so good. Woo Hoo!!!
I love it when my glass order arrives, it feels like Christmas. :)
New Pandora style beads coming up tomorrow. See ya!

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