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May 17, 2012
Happy Thursday! So where was I? Madison has soccer practice today. She hasn't been able to go practice because she plays softball, too. The nights she has softball game, Wednesday nights, they've held soccer practice. So they moved it to Thursday's so she could go. Yay! Didn't quite think it though when I signed her up for both, and now we
have sports every night. UGH!
Tomorrow, I'm going on a field trip to a horse farm with Jordan's school and I get to ride a horse. Yee-Haw! :)
I'll do the free beads drawing as soon as I can. Thank you for continuing to vote.
Have a wonderful weekend!

May 8, 2012
Black & white is for sale today. It's classic, timeless and chic. A fun mix of designs and shapes for your designing delight. :)

May 7, 2012
Would you believe I stepped on a nail yesterday and ended up in the urgent care having to get a tetanus shot? I should of known better than to walk around a construction site wearing flip flops. Lesson learned. The hard way. Ouch!
New today is
By the Sea Shore
Thanks for stopping by! :)

May 3, 2012
A set with Mickey and Minnie is new today. His pants and her skirt are so darn cute. Thanks for peeking!

May 2, 2012
Today's an exciting day... it's Madison's first softball game! This is her first year playing. She's never played before. It's funny how Jordan has played baseball for years and she's never been interested in softball until now. Can't wait to see her play. :)

May 1, 2012
Hi! We're back from New England and had such a blast! We are so proud of our Jr. Pee Wee, Raiders. They got 2nd place. Woo Hoo! The rides at Six Flags were so much fun. Jordan rode his very first roller coaster. Madison, her first big roaster (she's my coaster buddy) and I got soaked under a waterfall during the water rapids ride. It was a weekend filled with ton of fun. We just loved it. And it was much needed, too. :)
North Utica Raiders 2nd place
JAMfest, Mass 2012
Madison is in the back row, last on the right.
Jordan is out of his finger splint. He only needs to wear it when he's playing sports for protection for 2 more weeks. He is so happy!

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